Wind Loading on Scaled Down Fractal Tree Models of Major Urban Tree Species in Singapore

Estimation of the aerodynamic load on trees is essential for urban tree management to mitigate the risk of tree failure. Scaled down tree models reduce the cost of experimental studies and allow the studies to be conducted in a controlled environment, namely in a wind or water tunnel, but the major challenge is to construct a tree model that resembles the real tree.  

IHPC constructed 3D-printed scaled down fractal tree models of major urban tree species in Singapore using procedural modelling. It is observed that the velocity profiles and drag of the simulations and the wind tunnel tests are in reasonable agreement. We hence established a clear relationship between the measured bulk drag on the tree models in the wind tunnel, and the local drag coefficients of the discretised elements in the simulations.  

Credits to Dr Ge Zhengwei, Dr Calvin Lim, Dr Like Gobeawan, Dr Poh Hee Joo, Dr Daniel Wise

The paper was published in Forests