NMC World Metrology Day_1030x450

Measurement Standards for a Top Bunker Trading Port

Metrology plays an essential role in facilitating global trade in Singapore

Breakthrough Study Reveals Gene Drivers Specific to Asian Lung Cancers 1030x450

Study Reveals Gene Drivers Specific To Asian Lung Cancers

New data will guide researchers and clinicians to develop novel therapeutic strategies tailored to individual lung cancer patients

Rapid Test Kit by Duke-NUS GenScript and ASTAR_1030x450

One-Hour Antibody Test Tracks Neutralising Antibodies of COVID-19

“Rapid smart test kit” result of partnership between Duke-NUS, GenScript and A*STAR

Chugai collaborate on therapeutic antibody

A*STAR & Chugai collaborate to fight COVID-19

Discovery of antibody helmed by SIgN research team

More precise treatments for an aggressive type of lymphoma cancer 1030x450

Paving the way to more precise treatments for lymphoma cancer

Study identified novel genetic variants affecting individual risks of this disease

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