R&D Ecosystem

Singapore Marshalls R&D Efforts to Combat COVID-19

Researchers and clinicians harness multi-disciplinary expertise to develop diagnostics and vaccine

3D Tree Modelling: The IHPC Team

Meet The Team Who Models 3D Trees For Urban Planning

Their project has been recognised as the WSIS Prize 2020 Champion

Knowing the Enemy to Fight the COVID-19 War - CoVtree suncolors

Knowing the enemy to fight the covid-19 war

Scientists study virus to unravel mystery surrounding it

Dr Kelvin Ng, Dr Shaun Sim, Dr Sarah Luo

Food & Nutrition of the Future – The Journey | Talent Times

Meet our A*STAR researchers who are passionate in overcoming food challenges

Women in Science: Ms Aw Ai Ti

Women in Science: Ms Aw Ai Ti, I2R

How AI helps translate COVID-19 updates into our official languages. And the woman leading it.

Women in Science: Ruifen Weng

Women in Science: Dr Ruifen Weng, DxD Hub

She leads the team in the productisation of A*STAR’s Fortitude Kit 2.0

Singapore labs join global race to learn about virus

Singapore labs join global race to learn about virus

Having made a diagnostic test kit, scientists here now hope to develop a possible cure

Help Recognise Scientific Research Excellence

Help Recognise Scientific Research Excellence

Nominations Now Open! Submission Closes on 8 May 2020

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