A*STAR Research issue 18 - COVID-19 first 200 days

COVID-19 : The first 200 Days

How A*STAR is tackling the international crisis [PDF]

ETC-159 advances further in clinical

ETC-159 Cancer Drug Advances Further in Clinical Trials

ETC-159 has achieved a new developmental milestone in achieving “First Patient First Visit ” in Phase 1B.

IMCB scientists analysing tests on antibodies against synthetic viral proteins

Finger-prick antibody test kit for COVID-19

A test kit that can accurately identify SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in 15 minutes and employs a lateral flow format

Scholars of A*STAR: Tan Yaw Sing

Scholars of A*STAR: Dr Tan Yaw Sing, BII

He developed an interest in drug discovery while serving his national service as a medic

resolute 2.0 test

Resolute 2.0 test and automated lab system RAVE

Game-changing test kit & robotics laboratory system by A*STAR and partners

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