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Neonatal Wnt-dependent Lgr5 positive stem cells are essential for uterine gland development
  • Wnt signaling is critical for directing epithelial gland development within the uterine lining to ensure successful gestation in adults. In-vivo lineage tracing/ablation/organoid culture assays identify these gland-resident Lgr5high cells as Wnt-dependent stem cells responsible for uterine gland development. Adjacent Lgr5neg epithelial cells within the neonatal glands function as essential niche components to support the function of Lgr5high stem cells ex-vivo. These findings constitute a major advance in our understanding of uterine development and lay the foundations for investigating potential contributions of Lgr5+ stem/progenitor cells to uterine disorders.
Beautiful Science - Straits Times
An image from Nick Barker's recent Nature Cell Biology paper has been featured as the Straits Times 'Beautiful Science' image.
Preeclampsia hormone discovered
Bruno Reversade’s research team at the Institute of Medical Biology, A*STAR, have made an exciting new discovery on the importance of the ELABELA micropeptide in preventing preeclampsia. The study, published in the journal Science, shows that ELABELA protects against proteinuria and hypertension, two hallmarks of preeclampsia. Featured as a Perspective in Science, in The Scientist, MedicalXpress and PharmaAsia.
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