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ImageThe p53 lab is focusing on the development of new therapies, new diagnostics and new discoveries in the p53 pathway. 11 Million people living with cancer have specific mutations in the p53 gene leading to the production of a faulty p53 protein. This is half the cases of human cancer. In those that have an apparently normal p53 gene we believe that there are faults in the p53 pathway. We are using a variety of approaches to translate this extraordinary finding into clinical benefit. We work closely with many other groups both in Singapore and in the rest of the world to achieve this. We are using biochemical, biophysical, cell biological and genetic approaches in our work and offer an outstanding international training environment

7th Antibody Symposium

Nov 23, 2020  10am - 4pm

You are cordially invited to the 7th Antibody Symposium. The Antibody Symposium is a full day program of interesting talks with industry participation and is jointly organized Chugai Pharmabody Research Pte Ltd and p53Lab, A*STAR.

7th Antibody Symposium Zoom Webinar Registration. Speakers include scientists from Chugai Pharmabody Research, DSO, SIgN, SRIS, p53Lab and Keynote speaker from the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm.

See below for the schedule:

Find out more about exciting new developments in antibodies at Chugai Pharmabody Research from their website or the brochure below.




Upcoming Conferences


  • Nov 23 - 7th Antibody Symposium Zoom Webinar. Speakers include scientists from Chugai Pharmabody Research, DSO, SIgN, SRIS, p53Lab and Keynote speaker from Karolinska Institute, Stockholm. See more details above.


Current Publications

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