Corporate Membership

The SB Corporate Membership was an industry-focused initiative designed to address the following needs:

  • How can companies have more direct access to talent from SB?
  • How can companies have more direct access to the training offered by SB?
  • How should companies that share the goal of building a nucleus of Asia-based innovators and innovations forge closer partnerships with SB?

Over the years, the Corporate Membership scheme has yielded many successful relationships with the industry sector in the medical technology ecosystem. As part of SB’s evolution, we are no longer offering the Corporate Membership. Instead, we urge interested parties to contact the Singapore Biodesign Team for more individualized partnership opportunities. 

  • Testimonials

    Our associates have benefited greatly from attending the innovation class, and one person the fellowship. We send associates to broaden their thinking and understanding of the innovation process, and the impact is has on performance in noticeable.

    Mr David Capes
    VP, R&D, Greater Asia, BD
    SB Corporate Gold Member 2013 — Present



For enquiries on partnership opportunities, please contact us via
Phone: +65 - 8793 6406

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