High-touch development of healthtech talent centered on needs-based approach and quality industry mentoring to accelerate health technology innovation and adoption for Asia’s* unmet healthcare needs.

*Asia: SG, China and ASEAN


To be Asia’s leading HealthTech talent development and knowledge partner for accelerating health technologies innovation towards commercialization and adoption.


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Modelled after the established Biodesign Programme at Stanford University, Singapore Biodesign (SB) is a capability development initiative that aims to train and nurture the next generation of healthtech innovators for Asia.

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Our people are the most important and valuable part of SB. Over the years, we have built a strong core team of fellows and students, supported by our partners and mentors from the local and international health technology ecosystem who continue to nurture promising individuals and projects.

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Our Outcomes

Since its inception, the programme has expanded from its core talent training initiatives to seeding new innovation projects and enabling the growth of a sustainable ecosystem.

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Since 5 December 2019, Singapore-Stanford Biodesign has been re-named as Singapore Biodesign, signifying a move to being more Asia and implementation focussed to bring about economic benefits and healthcare value through healthtech innovation training.

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