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Based on health and medtech innovation stakeholder feedback, this whitepaper describes eight distinct functional innovation skills and competencies that are required to drive innovation in health and medtech. This framework stratifies learners by their prior innovation experience and their desired competency proficiency and additionally lays out a tailored set of desired competency proficiencies for each target learner group – for example, the healthcare professionals, scientists and engineers, regulatory professionals, and startup teams.


This framework acts as a key reference guide and the next step will rely on implementing partners to adapt this framework for their target learners as well as for varying types of healthcare innovations.

Find out more about the competencies and our recommendations: 

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Singapore Biodesign Resources

White Paper
Ophthalmology in Asia: Singapore Biodesign Releases New White Paper

Date Published: July 2020
Written by: David Chen, Jia Yun Hee, Bryan Ho, Preeti Mohan, Will Greene
Diabetes in Asia: Insights on the Patient Journey and Opportunities for Digital Health Innovation

Date Published: July 2019
Written by: Scott Wong, Andrew Chou, Will Greene, Shanaz Rauff, Hanzhong Zhang

Case Studies
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Value-Based Healthcare and Health Economics Research in Healthcare Financing
Channel Partnership Strategy: Leveraging Your "Frenemies" for Scalability
Policy Maker Engagement: University Hospitals 

Case Study Videos
Disease Management and Stakeholder Analysis in Different Geographies - Dr Mary Kan
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Customer Acquisition Planning for New Medical Device - Ms Pooja Kinra Bishnoi
Channel Partnership Strategies - Mr Chris L. Hardesty and Ms Jane Wong
Education and Disease Management in Asian Markets - Dr Andrew Chou
Reimbursement Strategies in Different Asian Markets - Dr Bryan Ho

Product Development
Quality Management System
Requirement Specifications
Ideal Medical Device Development Plan

Singapore Biodesign Innovation and Faculty Fellowship Graduation 2021
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Singapore Biodesign Thought Leaders Series 2015 - MedTech Innovations Ecosystem: What can Asia learn and adapt from Silicon Valley?
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Singapore Biodesign Special Lecture Series 2013 - The future of medical and life sciences technology: Changing the Paradigm from treating disease to disease Management

Singapore Biodesign Introduction
Offerings Brochure
Outcomes Brochure
In-House Services Brochure

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