At Singapore Biodesign, we are a dynamic team passionate about empowering and nurturing individuals with a common vision to accelerate health technology innovation.


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Current Positions Available:


Our interns bonding over a hearty meal with our staff

Interested to get involved with the programme’s day-to-day operations and get a taster of health technology innovation as a career pathway? Limited student internship positions are available. Do contact the Singapore Biodesign Team  with your CV at least 2 months before your projected internship start date.

Scope of Internship Projects include:

  • Curation and development of need specification documents under tutelage of our Biodesign tutors (individual)
  • Contribute to design and engineering development for our health technology innovation projects under tutelage of our principal product engineer (individual)
  • Work collectively to develop a project plan using the Biodesign framework for follow on final-year/capstone projects (group)


  • Testimonials

    In our 16-week internship at Singapore Biodesign, I have been privileged to learn about the process of healthcare innovations, these knowledge complement our hands-on skills which SUTD emphasizes perfectly to give a complete package.

    Jaecob Pang
    SUTD Intern, May-Aug 2019

  • Testimonials

    Singapore Biodesign has given me the opportunity to better understand the design process used in the healthcare industry through the day to day tasks assigned and the workshops and talks that we were allowed to sit in on. It has also given me the chance to better hone the skills and learn the values that would allow me to be better equipped in the future.

    Soh Sumin
    SUTD Intern, May-Aug 2019

  • Testimonials

    I was exposed to the new perspective that a healthcare engineer would have compared to designing for other products. I was able to practice my Solidworks skills and also familiarise myself on 3D printing with various materials. The workshops provided has also expanded my knowledge in the healthcare industry that was not taught in SUTD.

    Derence Fang
    SUTD Intern, May-Aug 2019

  • Testimonials

    Singapore biodesign was where my incipient interest in biotechnology was nurtured. I was given a perspective into the biotechnology development process and saw how challenging and meaningful this field is. My time with SB was extremely educational and, above all, enjoyable!

    Sundar Karthick
    Pre-University Intern, Apr-Jun 19

  • Testimonials

    I feel lucky to be able to have this internship, as it gave me an insight of how an office job is like. It is also a rare opportunity that not many may experience at my age, and I’m glad that I managed to take away something from this.

    Alissa Wong
    Poly Intern, Sep-Oct 19


  • Everlasting Mentoring Relationships Forged with our Alumni Fellows: 5SSB, 6SSB, and 7SSB Fellows with Assoc Prof Christopher Shen and Prof Uday Kumar

  • Stanford Biodesign Mentors with our 2018 Fellows at their Graduation Ceremony

We are constantly on the lookout for esteemed individuals from industry who can contribute back to our programme‚Äôs talent development and project mentoring needs. If you have what it takes to mentor, coach and/or share your expertise with our community and our various training initiatives, do email the Singapore Biodesign Team  and we will follow-up accordingly.


Looking for job opportunities to work with other health technology entities in our ecosystem, do see the list of positions available below and inquire directly with the organizations that interest you.

Date Posted Position Company Brief Description Full Description Link-Out Contact Details