SB offers a selection of Biodesign bootcamps and a comprehensive calendar of training initiatives for industry and clinical professionals working in the area of health technology innovation who would benefit from having a framework to de-risk their innovation projects.

Through these platforms, SB also aims to create awareness around the successful Biodesign needs-driven methodology to aid in the development of health technology innovation.


1 Prototyping Workshop

SB organizes 3 categories of training, i.e. Biodesign Bootcamps, Open-Access Lectures and Thematic hands-on Workshops to accompany the Biodesign approach with a deeper focus on Asia and commercialization.

Biodesign Training

SB aims to provide participants with ample opportunity for hands-on training to appreciate the biodesign needs-centric process. Participants will be guided by experienced trainers, work in multi-disciplinary groups, tackling real world examples and be presented with an opportunity to interact with esteemed speakers in the healthtech industry.

SB offers 1-, 3- and 5-day Biodesign training to cater to participants’ varying levels of expertise and commitment.

M_SB Workshops Offerings Overview
D_SB Workshops Offerings Overview

On special request, customized versions of the biodesign workshop may also be organized depending on the audience and desired deliverables.

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Open Access Lectures

2 Lecture

The Open Access Lecture Series provides general overviews of broad ranging topics in healthtech and feature interactive sharing sessions from industry experts. These lectures are free of charge and open to the public.

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Thematic Workshops

3 Thematic Workshop

Health technology innovation is extremely complex and requires expertise drawn from the clinical, technical and business domains.

Therefore, SB provides a series of curated thematic workshops that helps participants gain a better understanding of the knowledge verticals.

In particular, SB works with each workshop trainer to provide content that places a greater emphasis on health technology innovation case studies to better contextualize the learning. At the same time, these workshops provide participants with hands-on training to reinforce the participant’s understanding and ability to apply what they've learnt on follow-on projects.

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