SB-Originated Innovations

SB-originated innovations arising from our flagship fellowship programme (Current and Alumni) and various talent training and support initiatives.


M_SB-Originated Innovations Through Fellowship
D_SB-Originated Innovations Through Fellowship

Our fellows undergo an intensive 6 month Biodesign training in the fellowship programme are naturally exposed to unmet healthcare needs and often seed greenfield projects that continue post-fellowship.

During the fellowship, the multi-disciplinary team will undertake an iterative process of need and concept selection and eventually land on a top project to pursue. This is coupled with high-touch mentoring by a diverse group of mentors, and supplemented by a mixture of academic teaching, hands-on exercises as well as one-to-one clinic consultations with domain experts for deeper requirements.

Post-fellowship, SB aims to support projects seeded by Fellows in their grant applications and providing our in-house services and Biodesign network for fellows to tap on.


From its inception in 2011, our programme has seen a number of projects seeded by our fellows, students (current and alumni) and staff.

D_Project Pipeline Overview Graph


Talent that has received Biodesign training through our programme have been involved with generating startups either during their training or post-training.


Advent Access

Preserving AV fistula access to reduce dialysis cost and restore quality of life for kidney failure patients.

Founder & CEO:
Mr Ruey Feng Peh, US Biodesign Innovation Fellow 2008,
SSB Programme Director, 2012 - 2017

Ms Fiona Loke, SSB Fellow, 2011
Dr Luke Tay, SSB Fellow, 2012
Mr Jing Ming Chew, SSB Fellow, 2013

In-House Regulatory Specialist:
Ms Iris Tan, SSB Fellow, 2011

Privi Medical

Drug-free solution for haemorrhoid sufferers to regain control of their lives in a safe and comfortable way.

Founded by Mr Prusothman Sina Raja, Dr Benjamin Tee CK, Dr Rena Dharmawan and Dr Cecilia Wang, SSB Fellows, 2014


Professional home nursing platform solution that transforms the way patients and their families experience healthcare.

Co-founder, Dr Rena Dharmawan, SSB Fellow, 2014


A Singapore and US based company focused on improving the treatment landscape for infertility.

Co-founded by Mr Prusothman Sina Raja and Dr Benjamin Tee CK, SSB Fellows, 2014



 A product to efficiently deliver a proprietary, clinically-proven mix of agents to drastically reduce dust mite colonies in home and community settings to reduce the most common source of Hay Fever in Southeast Asia without drugs.

Co-Founder, Dr Luke Tay, SSSB Fellows 2012



 A new innovation hub that connects Med and Health Tech startups and clinician-innovators, to help turn their ideas into products and services that prevent or cure more diseases, and save more lives, in a scalable manner.

Co-founded by Dr Rena Dharmawan, SSB Fellow 2014 and Dr Ian Mathews, SSB Fellows 2017

Innovation Class



Non-invasive assessment and monitoring of the arteriovenous fistula / graft in dialysis patients to achieve better quality outcomes.

Co-Founder, Dr James Lim, Innovation Class, 2011

Sinopsee Therapeutics

A bio-pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, design and development of small molecular weight compounds for the treatment of chronic diseases.

Co-Founder & CEO, Dr Sakthivel Sekar, Innovation Class, 2015


Talent that has received Biodesign training through our programme have been involved with generating startups either during their training or post-training.

MyStat: An interactive way to monitor for the major signs of stroke to enable prompt follow-up by immediate caregivers
PI: Dr Phin Peng Lee, 6SSB

PrimeRespi: A way to loosen and mobilize mucus in chronic bronchitis patients
PI: Dr Priyanka Kenath Prasad, 7SSB

Revene: A non-invasive, electrostimulation approach to improving venous flow in patients with venous stasis to reduce progression
PI: Dr James Mok, 5SSB

RelievIO: A safe, comfortable and effective way to relieve Small Bowel Intestinal Obstruction (SBIO) to reduce inpatient hospital stay and improve patient selection for surgery.
PI: Dr Rena Dharmawan, 4SSB; Dr Mark Chong, 7SSB

Podinno: A way to inform better management of diabetic foot ulcers to reduce recurrence
PI: Dr Scott Wong, 8SSB

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