Biodesign Training

Establish an interactive and multidisciplinary environment that facilitates the acquisition and practical application of the Biodesign framework.


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SB provides Biodesign training programs spanning 1, 3, and 5 days, designed to accommodate participants with diverse levels of expertise and commitment.

Customised Workshop

Singapore Biodesign has recently conducted the "Biodesign for Health and MedTech Innovation" workshop at the A*STAR Partners Centre (A*PC) in Suzhou, China. This workshop delivered an extensive exploration of the Biodesign process, equipping participants with a solid grasp of the core principles underlying healthcare innovation.

Singapore Biodesign can create customized versions of the Biodesign workshop that are tailored to the specific needs and objectives of your audience. Contact us for more details. 

  • Testimonials

    Systematic approach in solving real-world clinical needs, the workshop provides an excellent opportunity for clinicians and engineers to exchange ideas and in-depth disccussions.

    Cleveland Clinic, 2018

  • Testimonials

    The Biodesign needs screening framework is useful and applicable for my current work. I really appreciate the sharing of real life experiences by the external speakers.

    Marketing Executive
    Johnson & Johnson, 2016

Past Attendees

Our Biodesign workshops have enabled SB to extend its outreach to a broader audience, effectively raising awareness about the field of Biodesign. 

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Examples of past training groups include participation from academia, hospitals and industry, both local and international.