SB continues to provide highly curated thought leadership content and invite outstanding medtech luminaries to share their experiences and on the latest trends affecting the industry. To date, SB events continue to attract the participation of a wideranging spectrum of stakeholders from the local medtech ecosystem because of the enriching sharing sessions and interactions with like-minded peers.


  • TLS 2011 - Medical Technology Innovation: East Meets West

  • TLS 2013 - Innovation in Surgical Robotics

  • TLS 2015 - MedTech Innovation Ecosystem: What Can Asia Learn and Adapt from Silicon Valley?

  • TLS 2018 - Diabetes Sandbox: Interface Between Medical Technology and Digital Health

  • TLS 2019 - Ophthalmic Innovations For Asia


The Thought Leaders Series (TLS) is a biennial signature event hosted by SB. Since its inauguration, SB has had the great honour of inviting international key opinion leaders to educate the Singapore community on the latest industry insights and market trends in medical technology development.

  • Special Lecture 2013 - Changing the Paradigm from Treating Disease to Disease Management

  • Special Lecture 2014 - International Trends In Medical Technology Innovation & Regulation

  • Special Lecture 2015 - Leading with Creative Confidence

  • Special Lecture 2015 - Innovations in Cardiac Surgery

  • Special Lecture 2019 - Healthtech Investing: Battle of the Heavyweights


SB also provides a platform for subject matter experts in the medtech innovation process e.g. regulatory, investments; as well as in various domain specialties and geographies to share their experiences and insights with the local community.

  • Fellow Alumni CNY Gathering 2018

  • Fellows’ sharing session during Inaugural Alumni Homecoming held in 2017

  • Alumni Gathering in conjunction with BME-IDEA APAC Conference in 2016

  • Fellows Gathering with SSB Mentors and Staff in 2015

  • Breakfast Fireside Chat with Kaiser Permanente in 2019


Alumni engagement remains an important component and enabler of SB’s mission as we see the emergence of like-minded ‘Biodesigners’ spearheading local healthtech initiatives and forging new collaborations. Our alumni events include social gatherings featuring alumni sharing, networking opportunities with invited guests, open Q&A sessions to garner feedback for SB’s activities and intimate fireside chats for focused conversations with invited experts to bolster learning.

Types of alumni events include:

  • Pure networking and social get-together
  • Continuing education
  • Closed-door fireside chats to accelerate projects
  • Free access to knowledge and/or industry events