SB Early Prototyping Support Fund

The SB Early Prototyping Support fund is designed to assist promising SB alumni project teams that have yet to secure funding for their projects. The Fund can help to derisk their technology and/or market need, and improve the quality of their proposals and subsequent development plan.


This special fund is created to provide our alumni with

1) Follow on hands-on prototyping support and guidance on commercial proposition to further galvanize the topics taught through the Biodesign workshops

2) Assistance to project teams to quickly derisk their projects by deriving data that can contribute towards their value proposition and to demonstrate a needs-driven validation of the hypothesis

SB will be supporting up to SGD 50,000 per Alumni Projects for 6 months.

Application Period

The call for application will last from 9 April 2021 to 9 May 2021.
Application outcome will be announced by 1 June 2021.
Interested alumni, please fill up the application form and send it to

Download Application Form Here

Copy of timeline - funding


All applications will be evaluated by SB's selection panel and will be graded based on the following

1) Have attended SB training offerings (Workshop, Innovation Class, Fellowship) previously or have been identified for competitive grant applications with SB partners e.g. NHIC, A*STAR, MTAC

2) Proposed solution is a healthcare solution in the Medtech/dx/digital health space

3) Can demonstrate best use of and benefit the most from the prototyping support to bridge the gap

4) Scope of work must not overlap with existing grants


1) Project teams should file any FIP with their host institutions

2) Funds can only be used for OOE, claimed and processed through SB

3) Duration of support is for 6 months till 31st December 2021 with submission of project report

4) No extension of funds will be allowed

5) Project teams are expected to contribute their own in-kind EOM to develop the project plan based on feedback received and see through the experimental plan that has been set out.


Drop us an email now if you would like to find out more about the Fund.

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