SB has played a significant role in supporting the growth of the local Medtech ecosystem whilst forging new regional relationships to maintain a globally relevant multi-disciplinary network.


M_Biodesign Community Map
D_Biodesign Community Map

Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign, the originator of the Biodesign innovation process, continues to be our joint program partner. Through Stanford Biodesign’s strong pedagogical training programmes, we have been able to leverage on the global Biodesign community that has been forged.

This includes the various official international programmes originating out of Stanford, and the satellite nodes through the Global Faculty Training Programme.

Collectively, these centres form the larger Biodesign community that continues to keep us updated with global advances in the industry through frequent interactions.

In addition, SB has jointly organized the Biomedical Engineering Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship Alliance annual forum with Stanford Biodesign from 2016 - 2019 to promote best practices in bioengineering training and innovation for Asia and continues to support the community as BME-IDEA aims to go global, bringing the international BME community closer to each other.

  • Keynote speech by Mr Supratim Bose, Former Executive Vice President & President of Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Boston Scientific

  • Brainstorming on Tackling Common Programme Management Challenges, led by Mr Peh Ruey Feng, Founding Faculty and Mentor, Singapore Biodesign.

  • Panel Discussion on Idea Exchange

  • Participants at BME-IDEA APAC 2018 on ‘Medtech Leadership through Innovation Management’


M_Regional Outreach
D_Regional Outreach

Increasingly, there has been a greater demand for Asian-centric health technology solutions to increase patient access and improve quality of care. Since 2014, SB has actively reached out to China, Indonesia and South Korea and has formed partnerships that allows for:
i) Needs identification
ii) Validation of market relevance, and
iii) Forging pathways for commercialization. e.g. clinical trials.


M_Local Outreach
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Over the years, SB has witnessed the growth of the Medtech ecosystem. Through Biodesign training and knowledge creation, SB has built an extensive partnership network with the various stakeholders of the local ecosystem such as educational institutions, clinical and industry partners. Moving forward, SB aims to forge sustainable partnerships with local entities to better adopt the Biodesign framework into their health tecnology innovation framework.

SB’s Partner, NHIC had prepared a video comprising interviews with multiple local ecosystem stakeholders for SWITCH 2020. Check out the interview they had with our Programme Director, Dr Mary Kan here.

  • Testimonials

    Zicom Medtacc (ZMT) is proud to be part of a thriving Medtech innovation in Singapore and has benefited from SSB talent such as Mr Chew Jing Ming. ... We believe that the training and exposure provided by SSB and Zicom respectively, coupled with his cabilities, enabled him to perform effectively across the various roles.

    Mr Peter Cheng
    Chief Technology Officer, Zicom Medtech Pte Ltd

  • Testimonials

    I believe that we are at the cusp of a ‘Golden Age’ of medtech startups in the Southeast Asia region. The years of foundational work done by SSB to build up core Singapore Medtech talent has provided critically relevant skills and regional expertise to get us to this inflection point.

    Mr Abel Ang
    Group Chief Executive Officer, Advanced MedTech Holdings


The Corporate Membership Programme was launched in 2013 to supplement industry teams with Biodesign training and mentorship on a real-world need in a related focus area for our corporate partner.

  • Dr Danny Soon, SB Programme Director, presenting Silver Corporate Membership Token of Appreciate Plaque to Mr Chen Xiang, R&D Director of Biosensors International Pte Ltd

  • Dr Danny Soon, SB Programme Director, presenting Gold Corporate Membership Token of Appreciate Plaque to Mr James Chiang, Vice President, Diabetes Care of Becton Dickinson Pte Ltd

Industry teams interested to train a multidisciplinary team from R&D, marketing and business development to encourage strategic innovations for the Asian markets are encouraged to sign up. 

More Partnership Opportunities here