FY2024 Biodesign Faculty Fellowship Recruitment (2)

Biodesign Faculty Fellowship Programme

Embark on a transformative journey of innovation with the Singapore Biodesign Faculty Fellowship Programme—a cutting-edge leadership initiative designed to empower faculty members, clinician-innovators, and senior scientists. Over the course of an intensive 6-month placement, participants will be immersed in a dynamic program that combines dedicated mentoring, in-market exposure, and a rigorous approach to health technology innovation.

Applications for FY2024 fellowship are now open! The deadline to submit is Friday, 08th March 2024, 1200H.



IHL Tenured Faculty
Engage in a transformative learning experience to enhance your teaching and research capabilities.


Programme Leads
Drive innovation within your institution and establish robust framework for fostering a culture of innovation


Unleash your potential to drive innovation in healthcare by integrating Biodesign principles into your clinical practice.


Senior Scientists
Enhance your scientific expertise at the nexus of technology and healthcare, driving progress in health technologies.

The Singapore Biodesign Faculty Fellowship application window closed at
1200H on Friday, 08th March 2024.


Participants in the program will receive guidance and coaching as they engage in a project utilizing the Biodesign methodology. This immersive process aims to identify unmet clinical needs, devise practical solutions, and equip participants for the implementation of their inventions in real-world settings.

Additionally, participants will have the invaluable opportunity to access market insights and expand their knowledge of healthcare systems in both Asia and the United States. This multifaceted experience ensures that Biodesign Faculty Fellows not only deepen their understanding of the challenges and opportunities in technology translation but also cultivate a strong network of relationships within the Health and MedTech industry, both within and beyond the borders of Singapore.

Participants are required to dedicate 10 hours to this programme, which includes attending a weekly in-person evening meeting.

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Interested individuals are advised to submit their applications via our website. Singapore Biodesign will work with each applicant's organization to establish a shortlist of candidates for interview. Considerations for selection include:

  • Relevance of program to candidate’s aspirations
  • Departmental support and commitment to implement Biodesign 


The Faculty Fellowship is open to driven, passionate faculty individuals, senior clinician innovators, and research scientists who are committed to teach and incorporate Biodesign as a multi-disciplinary approach towards innovation in healthcare.

The Singapore Biodesign Faculty Fellowship application window closed at
1200H on Friday, 08th March 2024.

Current Fellows

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Dr Chua Horng Ruey

Head of Nephrology
National University Hospital Singapore (NUHS)

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Ms Nuri Sylvia Ng

Senior Nurse Manager, Nursing Quality/Informatics/
Changi General Hospital

Copy of DSC_7084

Asst Prof Alex Qiang Chen

Assistant Professor Infocomm Technology (ICT)
Singapore Institute of Technology

Copy of DSC_7084

Assoc Prof Lim Chwee Ming

Director, Department of Clinical Translational Research
Singapore General Hospital