Health and MedTech Innovation Training Workshops

Our courses cover a wide range of topics in the Med-/HealthTech industry targeted for different professionals looking to learn about the healthcare innovation space.

Check out our specially crafted storyboards based on our workshop content here

How to apply?

Refer to our registration guide on how to apply for the Singapore Biodesign - Duke-NUS courses

Simply click on the button below and search for the course name as a self-sponsored participant!

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Why should you apply?

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Who is it for?

Our courses are crafted specially for individuals interested in the med-/healthtech innovation space. We highly encourage the following groups to apply:

  1. Professionals who just entered the med-/healthtech innovation space and are looking to gain deeper domain knowledge
  2. Professionals who are looking to expand their skillsets in med-/healthtech innovation
  3. People who are switching careers into the med-/healthtech innovation space
  4. Entrepreneurs with med-/healthech startups.

What We Offer

Health and MedTech Workshop Price List (15)
 Run 1: 31 Jul - 4 Aug 23
Run 2: 26 Feb - 1 Mar 24
Biodesign Bootcamp:
Deep Dive Into HealthTech Innovation with an End in Mind
Run 1: 11 Sep 23
Run 2: 15 Jan 24
Design Thinking for Healthcare Innovation: An OverviewDownload
Run 1: 2 Oct 23
Run 2: 2 Feb 24
An Introduction to Product Development and
Quality Management Systems for Health and MedTech Innovation
1 - 3 Nov 2023  Business Model Innovation for Healthcare InnovationsDownload
Run 1: 14 - 15 Nov 23
Run 2: 25 - 26 Mar 23
Design Thinking for Healthcare Innovation: Focusing on Identifying and Inventing for the Unmet NeedDownload
 27 - 28 Nov 23Business Implementation for Health and MedTech:
Project to Market Overview
8 Jan 2024 Health and MedTech Project Management +Download

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Our Trainers

Find out more about them in their profile below!

Mary Kan

Dr Mary KAN

Programme Director, Singapore Biodesign, A*STAR


Phin Peng Lee

Dr Phin Peng LEE

Deputy Programme Director, Singapore Biodesign, A*STAR


Mark Chong


Faculty Fellowship Head, Singapore Biodesign, A*STAR

Senior Lecturer, Department of Biomedical Engineering, National University of Singapore


Fiona Loke

Ms Fiona LOKE

Curriculum Head, Singapore Biodesign, A*STAR

Senior Manager, Singhealth Medtech Office



Ms Alvin CHUA

Principal Product Engineer, Singapore Biodesign, A*STAR

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