Working with SIMTech

Working with Us

SIMTech supports companies in the manufacturing sector through industry assist, technology transfer, knowledge transfer and manpower development.

To engage the industry in a more holistic way, four Industry Innovation Centres are set up, each addressing respective industry needs such as upgrading the capabilities of the precision engineering industry; enhancing sustainability in manufacturing; improving productivity and meet industry emerging applications. Each of these centres, driving several initiatives, has established strong track records with major industry players and clusters.

Developing the manufacturing ecosystem is another tenet of SIMTech’s industry assistance. A more strategic Consortia or Collaborative Industry Projects (CIPs) approach is adopted to build the capabilities of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to meet the needs of multinational corporations, enabling SMEs to become the suppliers of key manufacturing players and grow in the process. Through a Collaborative Industry Project (CIP) approach, SIMTech accelerates the adoption of technologies relevant to the manufacturing ecosystem or builds new capabilities by sharing resources and expertise. CIP is a common platform for SMEs with common interests to conduct R&D to develop competitive technologies. 

We also assist Industry by accelerating our outreach to industry through SIMTech’s engagements with trade associations and chambers of commerce (TACs) to reach out to their members. The Singapore Precision Engineering and Technology Association and Singapore Manufacturing Federation are some examples.

To grow Singapore’s manufacturing industry, the sharing of relevant technology through technology transfer is important. An example is the adaptation of Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for a diverse range of applications which has cascaded to industry. To extend the reach of SIMTech’s technology transfer effort, the Technology Extension Partners (TEPs) initiative was launched in July 2018. TEPs, companies that worked with SIMTech, are intermediaries to transfer the technology to other end-users.

To enable companies to tap technologies for growth, knowledge transfer to upskill manufacturing and engineering executives is critical. Programmes developed with the then Workforce Development Agency and SkillsFuture Singapore are in place. SIMTech transfers industry case-based knowledge to industry through the systematic Learn-Practice-Implement model.

In manpower development, the Manufacturing R&D Certificate (MRDC) Programme equips fresh graduates with R&D skills and in-depth domain knowledge to be industry-ready, creating an on-stream of relevant R&D manpower for the local manufacturing industry. To supplement the need for experienced R&D manpower, industry can also tap into the Technology for Enterprise Capability Upgrading Programme.