Our Team

SIMTech IF Team

Diverse. Collaborative. Empowering.

Innovation Factory@SIMTech is a dynamic hub where diverse talents converge to reimagine the future through thoughtful design. Our eclectic team comprise of talent with multifaceted interests, skills, and expertise.

Drawing on our vast network of research groups and industry partners, the IF team helps companies problem-solve and drive innovation forward. We engineer effective and sustainable solutions that empower our partners to become proud product owners, scale up operations, and forge deeper connections with their customers.

Our Culture :

Autonomous. Empowering. Safe. Playful.

The Innovation Factory team taps on the traits of both clan and adhocracy cultures to spur innovation. Innovation strives when the team adopts a psychologically safe and collaborative culture that leverages  the strong  bonds  between  each member, while granting autonomy and empowering each individual to take initiatives and responsibility for their projects.

Forging a tight knit team that encourages members to be empathic to each other's weaknesses and strengths is paramount to the adoption of this culture.

We want you: