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Innovation Factory


We are a one-stop design and solution center for SMEs.

A center dedicated to support Singapore's SMEs from the ideation stage to the design and engineering stage, allowing them to become product owners to venture into higher value markets.

The Innovation Factory is located within the Jurong Innovation District (JID) and is supported  by more than 500 researchers and scientists in SIMTech and ARTC.



The Innovation Factory is a national platform led by SIMTech with the aim to accelerate the design thinking and innovation journey, and the transformation of ideas into commercially viable products that are ready for market adoption.

The Innovation Factory plugs the current gaps in companies looking to develop new products and introduces design and engineering expertise in industrial design and product design, to catalyse innovation and scale up to production. We help companies find better ideas faster, define and prototype novel product and business concepts, gather data on viability and profitability based on evidence-based decisions and build a balanced innovation portfolio across your intended markets and new horizons. The Innovation Factory also provides a co-working space for companies to tinker and ideate, with equipment and software tools for prototyping.

The one-stop design and solution centre for Singapore SMEs.

To support SMEs from ideation to design and engineering stage, and migrate them to product owners in order to venture into higher value markets.

Core Capabilities

  • Innovation Mission and Strategy Sprint
  • Opportunity mapping, trend, and competitive analysis
  • Consulting and designing the path to innovation-lead business growth 
  • Ideation workshops
  • Product Design
  • Service Design


  • Scope and execute projects by leveraging a network of subject matter experts and design partners
  • Provide our members a best-in-class R&D lab infrastructure for design, engineering and application development.


Consultancy project 
The costs will be principally based on the estimated manpower needed to execute the tasks involved. Companies can choose from the different membership tiers according to the nature of their organization and their level of interest and commitment.

Design and Development projects
When engaging companies, our team of consultants will discuss the Go-To-Market strategy of the intended solutions with problem owners, assess the viability of market adoption of the intended products or services, and approve projects for execution.  The team will also conduct rigorous technical design reviews at different gates of the projects.

Ideation and Design Workshops
Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to problem solving with a strong emphasis on user empathy, collaboration, creative ideation, co-creation with rapid prototyping and stakeholder feedback. The purpose of the design workshops is to provide opportunities for companies to embrace empathic tools to develop insights about the users. We partner with distinguished trainers to provide Design Thinking, Design Standards, user-centric and/or similar workshops and training. 

Design Lab


Tailor to the demanding and unique needs of every customer and potential customers, we design and provide solutions in the fields of Embedded Systems and Product Design.  The design and development of products and solutions leverage on some or all of the core technical competencies developed and owned over the years. Our domain expertise in industrial design with core competence in electronics hardware, mechanical design and development, simulation tools, embedded firmware and communication software protocols. Combined with flexible outsourcing business models and project management experience, we are ready to provide excellent design services, consultancy and engineering support to our customers.

Build Lab


Leverages best-in-class 3D printers and the Design Lab, companies can spend time with simulation technology to reduce trial and error tests and find build configurations that succeed.

The Build Lab is developed to address the engineering needs of Additive Manufacturing (AM) engineers, and allows users to investigate, understand and learn more about their manufacturing processes. The visual feedback of simulation results allows users to quickly identify critical regions that suffer from deformations, localized stress concentrations and excessive temperatures. Build configurations can be simulated and optimal manufacturing configurations can be accelerated. This shortens the process development and time-to-market while increasing the quality of manufactured parts, and reducing investment costs spent on iterative testing. Our team combines years of experience in AM and we aim to tailor AM technology that can be effectively integrated into your process chain and spearhead your innovation journey.

Imaging Lab


We will acquire knowledge and techniques of optical design, testing and engineering that are widely used for dimensional measurements and inspection. Companies exploring into industrial cameras and lens, illumination and controls, imaging processing, and machine learning will benefit from the services provided at the Imaging Lab. Value-added services like design consultation, customised solutions, software integration, computer vision applications and other optical solutions are offered.

AI and Sense Lab


The convergence of AI and IoT has created a lot of new opportunities and markets. Smart sensors are used in smart cities, autonomous driving, industrial applications, and others. The use of AI in smart sensors can reduce the amount of data exchange within networks and provide optimal data transmission and require bandwidth, maintaining a cost effective communication infrastructure. In manufacturing, users employ AI to analyze factory data that streams from connected machines to forecast expected supply and demand using recurrent networks. IoT solutions enable production-line monitoring with proactive maintenance on equipment when sensors detect abnormalities or impending failures. In retail, AI an IoT solutions enable owners to manage inventory, improve customer experience, optimize supply chain, increase job satisfaction and reduce operational costs.

Move Lab


We can tinker with differentiating capabilities in robotics and automation technologies. For mobility, we can find solutions in 2D and 3D lidar-based navigation, and lost recovery from vision. In manipulation, users can explore automation innovations in the areas of polishing, deburring, spraying, as well as shared control and vision with tactile feedback. For robotic systems, we can explore opportunities in manipulation, mobility, perception, intelligence, automation and mechatronics.