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The Team :

Diverse. Collaborative.

The Innovation Factory is an eclectic place that houses a cross-disciplinary team with varied interests, skills and expertise. United by the passion for improving the human experience through thoughtful design, each individual balances a breadth of interest and capabilities with depth of expertise.

By building trusting and cooperative relationships amongst ourselves, we help our members to become product owners build stronger relationships with their customers. Drawing on our vast network of research institutions and collaborators, we work together to solve complex problems and design innovative, sustainable solutions that move our clients and our world into the future.

Our Culture :

Autonomous. Empowering. Safe. Playful.

The Innovation Factory team taps on the traits of both clan and adhocracy cultures to spur innovation. Innovation strives when  the team adopts  a psychologically safe and collaborative  culture  that  leverages on the strong  bonds  between  each member, while  granting  autonomy  and empowering each individual  to take initiatives and responsibility of their projects.

Forging a tight  knit team that  encourages members to be empathic  to each other's weaknesses and strengths is paramount  for adoption of this culture.

We want you: