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Micro Electro Multiphysical Systems (MEMS)

The MEMS team focuses on developing novel transducers at the heart of many electronic systems today, bridging the electronic and the real world. Semiconductor microfabrication techniques are leveraged for engineering high performance, microscale devices that can be batch fabricated at low-cost.
IME enables these with new sensors and actuators made with PZT, scandium-doped aluminum nitride and germanium for AR/VR, ultrasonic and infrared medical imaging, 3D sensing and miniaturized chemical spectrometers.
We launched the world’s first platform that does both R&D prototyping and small volume manufacturing with the same toolset for 8 inch piezoMEMS, filling the crucial gap to translate innovation from the lab to the pilot stage.
Work with us to realize new, scalable products by leveraging on our capabilities in multiphysics design and 8 and12 inch integration for new devices with low loss and high coefficient such as piezo, pyro, ferro and electro-optic.