Packaging Design & Fabrication Services

IME offers a wide range of advanced packaging technology solutions to address the above industry needs.  Our platforms include 2.5D through-silicon interposer, 3D TSV, fan-out wafer level packaging, MEMS wafer level chip-scale packaging, fine-pitch Cu pillar, chip-on-wafer (direct Cu-to-Cu) bonding, electronic-photonic integration, as well as thermal solutions. 

Services & Facilities


  • Advanced packaging turnkey solutions for industry applications
  • Thermo-mechanical, electrical, and thermal modeling and simulations to provide design guidelines
  • TSV and through-silicon interposer (TSI) fabrication for 2.5D/3D IC packaging
  • TSV fabrication and assembly for image sensor applications
  • MEMS wafer level chip-scale packaging
  • FOWLP demonstration for new products
  • FOWLP re-constructed wafers for equipment and material evaluations


  • 3000m2 of cleanrooms
  • 200mm and 300mm TSV engineering line
  • 300mm FOWLP development line
  • Assembly and packaging lab
  • Package/board level reliability testing and failure analysis facilities

Multi-Chip 12 inch FOWLP Development line

At IME, we offer end-to-end solutions in FOWLP & 2.5D/3D packaging and shorten the development cycle time for new applications. We also offer services in the area of wafer level fine pitch RDL of 2um/2um LW/LS, C4 solder bumping & Cu pillar micro bumping up to 20um pitch, temporary bonding & de-bonding, TSV fabrication etc.

IME’s full fledge of development line comprises state-of-the-art tools including :
  • PVD chamber for seed layer deposition, 
  • PR track for photoresist coating and photo-dielectric coating, 
  • Stepper for lithography, 
  • Developer track, plating
  • Wet bench for PR stripping
  • Spray etcher for seed etching
  • Furnace for curing
  • Descum/etch
  • Flip-chip bonder for chip-to-wafer bonding
  • Molding tool for wafer level compression
  • Warpage adjuster for molding tape de-bonding and warpage adjustment
  • Backgrinder for wafer thinning
  • Laser de-bonder for carrier de-bonding
  • Solder jetter for solder ball attach
  • Wafer dicer for wafer sawing

One-Stop Solution

IME provides a one-stop solution from system concept, design integration, fabrication and testing to final packaging.

PDK (built on open access) Supporting

Design Integration

  • Automatic guest die data import
  • Die on interposer floor planning
  • Automatic TSV placement
  • Interposer auto routing (constraint driven, wire sizing

Design Analysis

  • Package driven co-simulation with interconnects
  • Signal integrity analysis 
  • Design verification
  • Design rule check
  • Connectivity rule check
  • Parasitic extraction (with TSV)

Research Support

  • Thermo-mechanical, electrical, and thermal modeling
  • Material/failure analysis and reliability testing