mmWave & Beyond for Future Comms

mmWave and RF circuits are the driving force and backbone for enabling 5G, IoT, Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Cities, Healthcare monitoring, Contactless sensing and various satellite communications applications. IME’s mmwave & RF IC group is indigenously developing low formfactor mmwave radar & connectivity solutions with antenna in package ( AiP) significantly for Industry by collaborating with complementing research groups. The next generation Research and development in MMICS & RFICs can be broadly classified into three categories:

1) High Resolution mmWave Radar
2) mmWave Connectivity
3) Radios for Low Power, Battery-less, Cognitive Connectivity

High Resolution mmWave Radar

Applications that IME is developing are high resolution hybrid beam forming radars for automotive (ADAS Cars), drone applications and satellite radar applications. The MMICs are developed in CMOS, SiGe or III-V technology platforms depending on the application needs. Working with sub-system and DSP partners, mmwave radar is being customised with unique features for futuristic applications like contactless heart rate and breath rate monitoring, warehouse stock monitoring, non-destructive testing (NDT) applications  such as crack detection, imaging and many more. 

mmWave Connectivity

At IME we are developing MMIC solutions for last mile and front haul connectivity for cellular applications like 5G and 6G, and SOTM. Scalable phased arrays with indigenously developed MMICs with antenna in package (AiP) are being developed  for these applications bringing the whole form factor, cost down drastically while also reducing the reflective losses due to mmWave  transitions and dissipation due to the long feeding network to the antenna outside the chip.


IME has developed far field wirelessly powered IoT nodes and demonstrated in a real life network scenario with simultaneous operation of sensing nodes. Employing various circuit deign techniques, IME’s portfolio of low power radio transceiver SoCs for sensor networks spans broad spectrum of applications and standards. Demonstrated capabilities include, low-power wireless for 2.4GHz Zigbee-like sensing node for watch like compact IoT node; 400MHz ARIB T67 radio for applications such as smart metering, remote control and health monitors, ultra-wideband (UWB) and sub-GHz custom radios. The team also has developed RF digital radio transceiver IP blocks for TV white space (TVWS) Wi-Fi bands, for smart factory, smart nation applications. 
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