System in package

The SiP group at IME develops novel package architectures for a broad range of applications (Data-centre, Mobility/5G, IoT, AI, Automotive, Medtech). The package architectures are virtually modelled using sophisticated Multiphysics simulation tools for their electrical, thermal, and mechanical behaviour. The advanced-package architecture is then realized through SiP design methodology that employs IME’s Advanced-Package-Design-Kit (APDK). The package is manufactured in IME’s state of the art 300mm Advanced Packaging Development Line. The manufactured package is tested, verified and subjected to reliability assessment at IME’s More-than-Moore Test Center. Thus the SiP platform at IME enables industry partners to proto-type, sample, and transfer to high-volume, the advanced packages that are optimized for the chosen end-application.

Advanced Intelligent Power Module (IPM) for EV/PHEV/HEV

Electronic-Photonic Heterogeneous Integration


Assembly, Packaging and Reliability

Advanced Packaging Design

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