IME News & Highlights

Date Headlines
 18 February 2022 A*STAR Collaborates with Local Start-Up, I.O.T. Workz, to Develop Wirelessly Powered Localisation System For Asset Tracking to Improve Productivity of Khoo Teck Puat Hospital’s Operations
10 January 2022A*STAR’s Institute Of Microelectronics and Soitec To Develop Next-Generation Silicon Carbide Semiconductors
24 December 2021Applied Materials and A*STAR’s Institute of Microelectronics Expand Research Collaboration to Accelerate Heterogeneous Chip Integration with Hybrid Bonding Technology
25 November 2021A*STAR’s Institute of Microelectronics And STMicroelectronics Team Up On Silicon Carbide R&D For The EV Market and Industrial Applications
8 July 2021A*STAR’s Institute Of Microelectronics Teams With Major Industry Players In High Density System-In-Package Consortium For Heterogeneous Chiplets Integration
31 May 2021IME and NexGen Announce New Wafer Applications Joint Lab in Singapore
11 February 2021A*STAR’s Institute of Microelectronics Partners Eight Semiconductor Companies In Chip-To-Wafer Hybrid Bonding Consortium
28 October 2020STMicroelectronics Establishes World’s First “Lab-in-Fab” to Advance Adoption of Piezoelectric MEMS in Singapore in Partnership with ASTAR and ULVAC
7 October 2019  A*STAR's Novel AI Chip Design platform to give the semiconductor industry a boost in productivity and quality
18 September 2019  A*STAR, arQana Technologies to Jointly Develop mmWave Phased Array System for the 5G Cellular Market
26 March 2019 A*STAR and Soitec Launch Joint Program to Develop a New Layer Transfer Process for Advanced Packaging
3 December 2018  A*STAR, One Biomed launch S$9M Joint Lab to make diagnostic kit for infectious diseases  
8 November 2017  A*STAR IME's New Multi-Chip Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging Development Line to drive Innovation and Growth in Semiconductor Industry 
13 June 2017  ROHM and A*STAR's IME to Develop Artificial Intelligence Chip for Predictive Maintenance in Smart Factories 
19 September 2016  Applied Materials and A*STAR's Institute of Microelectronics to Advance R&D in Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging 
26 July 2016 A*STAR's IME Kicks Off Consortia to Develop Advanced Packaging Solutions for Next-Generation Internet of Things Applications and High-Performance Wireless Data Transfer Technologies 
30 June 2016 A*STAR's IME Launches Chip-on-Wafer Consortium II and Cost-Effective Interposer Consortium to Advance Chip Packaging Solutions for High-Volume Manufacturing 
8 June 2016  A*STAR IME's Consortium to Deepen Capabilities in MEMS Technologies for Industrial Internet of Things, Automotive, and Indoor Navigation Applications
13 January 2016 New Wireless Implantable Device from A*STAR's IME and Biospark to Improve Chronic Pain Management  
19 October 2015  Applied Materials and A*STAR Announce New R&D Joint Lab in Singapore for Advanced Semiconductor Technology
23 September 2015  A*STAR's IME and Lumerical Solutions Develop a Calibrated Compact Model Library for IME's Silicon Photonics Platform and Process Design Kit 
4 August 2015  A*STAR's IME Consortium Develops Advanced Packaging Solutions for Higher Performance and Efficiency in Consumer and High Power Electronics
18 June 2015  A*STAR's IME and INEX Innovations Exchange to Develop Non-Invasive Prenatal Diagnostic Technology 
15 April 2015  A*STAR's IME and Industry Partners to Enable High Density / Low Cost Packaging Technology for System Scaling within Smart Device