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A*STAR and centrotherm establish partnership to advance 200mm Silicon Carbide technology

SINGAPORE – A*STAR and centrotherm International AG (centrotherm) have embarked on a partnership to advance 200mm Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology.

The partnership combines A*STAR Institute of Microelectronics’ (IME) 200mm open Research and Development (R&D) SiC pilot line, one of the industry’s first, with centrotherm’s cutting-edge diffusion and annealing tools.

Compared to traditional silicon-based semiconductors, SiC-based semiconductors are more energy efficient and have higher switching frequencies. These enable smaller power electronics modules to be built. SiC-based power modules can be found in a wide range of power applications, such as electric vehicles (EVs), electric trains, data centres and power grids. However, SiC substrates currently have a large number of defects which need to be skilfully managed.

The collaboration aims to leverage IME’s process integration and device characterisation
capabilities and centrotherm’s specialised tools to develop thermal processes for SiC-based device fabrication, such as optimising trench and gate oxide formation, so as to enhance theperformance and reliability of SiC-based devices, such as metal–oxide–semiconductor fieldeffect transistors (MOSFETs) and diodes. As part of the partnership, centrotherm will establish a dedicated technology team in Singapore to offer technological know-how, process recipes, and on-site support.
Integrated SiC MOSFET technology solution
 Integrated SiC MOSFET technology solution, which is being developed by A*STAR’s
Institute of Microelectronics and centrotherm under the partnership

(Image Credit: A*STAR and centrotherm)

“We look forward to advance SiC technology through our partnership with centrotherm.
Through the combination of IME's 200mm SiC R&D pilot line with centrotherm’s advanced tools, we can accelerate R&D to better address the industry’s needs,” said Mr Terence Gan, Executive Director of A*STAR’s IME.
“This collaboration between IME and centrotherm marks an exciting chapter in the world of SiC technology. The shared vision, expertise and resources of both organisations promise to drive innovation, elevate industry standards and foster local growth in the field of semiconductor manufacturing. As we move towards the future of SiC and power electronics, we plan to further enhance diffusion and annealing specialisation in wide-bandgap process modules and expand expertise into SiC, GaN, and other innovative wide-bandgap materials,” said Helge Haverkamp, Chief Technology Officer of centrotherm.