Industry Collaborations

To date, SIMTech has completed over 5300 projects with more than 1300 companies, in electronics, semiconductor, precision engineering, medical technology, aerospace, automotive, marine, logistics and other sectors.  Some of these completed projects are listed here

Flexible Robotised Precision Finishing System

  • A flexible robotised  precision finishing system for large complex aerospace parts
  • Comprehensive calibration method, error compensation and force control technology, finishing accuracy of  +/- 0.2 mm
  • Quality and productivity is improved, with successful implementation in a work cell


Robotised Laser Aided Additive Manufacturing (LAAM) System

  • Using the LAAM system, the repair time for some parts was reduced from 4 days to 20 minutes
  • The LAAM repair process is successfully certified for a marine MRO by DNV


Magneto-Rheological Finishing (MRF) Multi-roller System

  • A novel approach in applying magneto-rheological finishing (MRF) process to  improve glass edge finishing in LCD substrate production

2D and 3D Wire Bond Inspection System

  • Developed with SIMTech's Industry Partner - Component Technology

Portable Blood Bag Warmer System (PBBW)

  • PBBW, SIMTech's product innovation, is commercialised by Hisaka
  • The printed heaters on the blood bags are produced using SIMTech's roll-to-roll printing technology


RFID Tracking System

  • RFID Tracking System implemented at Kim Hiap Lee (KHL)
  • Improves pallets track & trace information of pallets globally
  • Implementation of system resulted in 20% increase in pallet leasing volume and 10% increase in revenue


Examples of Completed Industry Projects:


  • Development of robotic finishing system for robotised propeller finishing
  • Development of innovative,  environment-friendly and efficient laser cleaning processes for aircraft components
  • Study of forming ribbed aluminium panel  
  • Feasibility study on laser  sintering ceramic onto Ni-based alloy to repair defective aero engine components cost effectively
  • Repair of Ni-based alloy components with high Ti/Al compositions using Laser Aided Additive



  • New high performance lead-free composite solders for harsh environment
  • Development of structural controlled polymer nanocomposites for simultaneous improvements in electrical conductivity and mechanical strength
  • Development of high performance Ternary Polymer Composites for Automotive Applications
  • Key technology to boost technical competence for tyre rim manufacturing


Electronics & Semicon:

  • Measurement of mode properties in fibre optic instrument
  • Product improvement on the semiconductor device for quality inspection, measurement and accuracy
  • Thermal cycling test and failure analysis of solder joints of high-power integrated packages
  • Automation of manual wafer inspection system
  • Development of a wire-cutting module
  • Feasibility and proof-of-concept studies on methods to enhance Magneto-rheological Finishing (MRF) finishing of ground LCD glad edge
  • Study of new lead-free solder alloys
  • Development of new conductive paste for solar cell application
  • Interfacial adhesive stress study for high-power electronics packaging 



  • Warehouse performance improvement through layout design and operation streamlining
  • Event-driven business process management system for pallet manufacturing operations
  • Intelligent control system for non-palletised cargo handling systems
  • Smart recipe modelling and tuning for Nitride process
  • RFID-based personnel tracking system
  • Intelligent and automated cargo inventory control system enhances Singapore's airport hub



  • Development of microfluidics device for gene cloning
  • 2D/3D X-ray system development for manufacturing of medical devices and complex assemblies
  • Design and development of nasal spray
  • Design and development of flexible endoscope
  • Problem identification for ultrasonic plastics welding process
  • Design and development of self-warming blood bag
  • Licensed SIMTech's printing technology to produce printed heater sticker for self-warming blood bag
  • New bones with biocompatible polymers using 3D printing


Marine, Oil & Gas:

  • Gun Drilling Industry Capability Development
  • Development and Characterisation of Laser Aided Additive Manufacturing (LAAM) process for repair of small turbocharger components
  • Application of Laser Aided Additive Manufacturing (LAAM) in Turbocharger MRO
  • Feasibility study on Laser Additive Welding of alloyed rods
  • New technology to shorten heat treatment cycle


Precision Engineering:

  • Vibration reduction
  • Thermal simulation and Analysis
  • Ultrasonic Vibration (USV) assisted ultra-precision machining technology and knowledge transfer
  • Laser surface microprocessing of non-sparking metals and high temperature polymers
  • Laser micro-machining of polyimide and tungsten carbide
  • Improving productivity and quality on injection mould design through CAE Design & Verification
  • Study on precision forging of stainless steel component



  • Carbon footprint assessment and reduction analysis for sustainable construction of the new pedestrian bridge at Marine Bay
  • Design support for heat exchanger miniaturisation and welding procedures for miniaturised heat exchanger 
  • 2D to 3D X-ray System for remanufacturing
  • Novel technique for detecting impurities in toughened glass panels