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Data Analytics Driven Inventory Planning* (40 hours)

Data Analytics Driven Inventory Planning

*This is a non-WSQ Programme.

Inventory planning is a process involving inventory performance analysis & planning, and purchase decision-making; by reaching right-sized inventory through the process, the organisation will be able to mitigate inventory risk in short term and maximise inventory performance in mid-term and/or long-term. As a direct result, the organisation can satisfy demand at low inventory cost.

About the Programme

The digitalisation journey to Industry 4.0 is fundamentally transforming the traditionally siloed supply chains into integrated digital supply networks, in which supply and demand signals are originated at any point and travel immediately throughout the supply networks making data analytics a powerful tool in inventory planning.

Our Immersive & Hands-on Analytics Approach

Competence Development
This programme is to train participants in inventory planning knowledge and principles, and equip them with skills and tools that are required in inventory performance analysis and planning.

Harvesting the Low Hanging Fruit
Reaching right-sized inventory by applying the knowledge and skills learned through the course is a low hanging fruit that company can achieve in the early stage of the digitalisation journey. Meanwhile, the course will pave the way for continuous inventory performance improvement in the journey to Industry 4.0.

Course Outline
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Data Analytics Driven Inventory Planning (40 hours)TGS-2020503175

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