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Industrial AI
*This is a non-WSQ module.

Artificial intelligence is the capability of a computer to imitate, or go beyond, intelligent human behaviour. It is revolutionising manufacturing in many ways by delivering insights to reduce unplanned machine downtime, increase production throughput, reduce maintenance costs, and deliver an increase in quality.

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Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence that gives computers the ability to learn from experience without being explicitly programmed; while certainly powerful, deep learning takes it to another level. It uses deep artificial neural networks and does not require feature engineering. This is enabled by large volumes of data, cheap computing power in the form of GPUs and improved algorithms. Deep learning is able to achieve superior performance to machine learning, in particular, for complex problems like image recognition. This programme takes a hands-on approach, going beyond the theory and focuses on equipping participants with the necessary skills to add value to their organisation whether that might be a start-up, SME or MNC.

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Industrial AI for Manufacturing

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