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Milling and Turning dynamics analysis and simulation are critical for achieving high productivity from precision machined components, which are of great economic importance to any precision industry including component machining, machine tool, mould-die, aerospace, computer and defence. This course provides participants with practical and systematic training on machining dynamics analysis and simulation technologies that can be used to achieve high productivity with good surface quality, as well as high geometrical accuracy and efficiency.

Why  This Course

On completion of this unit, participants will have the knowledge and application skills required to improve machining productivity through dynamics analysis and simulation.

These skills include:

  • Scientific transformation in machining industry
  • Turning vibration tests and process optimisation: Analysis of insert, tool holder, machine configuration
  • Control of machining parameters against turning vibration Identifying the causes of a machining chatter
  • Selecting a right cutting tool for minimisation of machining vibration
  • Analysing the dynamic characteristics of toolings using modal tests Identifying characteristics of workpiece material that affect machining chatter
  • Analysing machining stability lobes to prevent machining chatter
  • Configuring the procedure for using a machining dynamic toolkit for optimising a machining process
  • Analysing machining units and generating stability lobes using a machining dynamics toolkit
  • Developing dynamics databases of machine tools and toolings for high productivity
  • Demonstrating how to improve material removal rate using dynamics analysis and stability lobe
  • Demonstrating the methodology for improving machining processes with high productivity using a machining dynamics toolkit
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What You Will Learn
Upon Completion of This Course

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Improve Machining Productivity through Dynamic Analysis and Simulation

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Improve Machining Productivity through Dynamics Analysis and Simulation (55 hours)

Note: The training venue for this module is held at NTU Valley Block.

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