Entegris and SIMTech Launch Joint Lab

Public-private partnership to create new possibilities through innovation in additive manufacturing


Entegris, a supplier of advanced materials and process solutions for the semiconductor and other high-technology industries, is collaborating with SIMTech to establish its first joint research laboratory in Singapore. The laboratory will serve as a technology center where Entegris will explore capabilities for developing new products using 3D printing technologies with state-of-the-art modelling and simulation.

This joint collaboration aims to develop additive manufacturing technologies, in particular powder-bed binder-jetting and selective laser melting processes, to improve Entegris’ product performance. The partnership will help to build up the local Research and Development (R&D) ecosystem of undertaking the new additive manufacturing technologies, to produce high-value added products in Singapore. Entegris can undertake high-mix, low-volume production after process and product development, creating a complete local ecosystem for production of high value-added products. The Entegris Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence will also be set up through the Entegris-SIMTech Joint Lab.

Combining a deep understanding of fundamental materials properties with models of novel design configurations, we will enable new products with unique performance characteristics

Mr James A O’Neill, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, Entegris

By working with SIMTech, Entegris will have the opportunity to investigate emerging market opportunities to support 3D printing technologies. The company will utilise its advanced materials science expertise to research the characterisation of metal powders and redesign of novel metal-based products through 3D printing. Such research could identify ways to overcome the current design constraints in traditional manufacturing and lead to discoveries in 3D printing that benefit a wide range of industries in addition to the semiconductor industry, including the aerospace, medical and energy industries.

The research collaboration also includes cooperative efforts with several leading global technology companies and research consortia. These collaborations will enable Entegris to explore the use of novel materials with Hitachi Metals, Ltd; state-of-the-art characterisation techniques with Professional Testing Services (PTS); traceable measurement methods and reference standards with A*STAR’s National Metrology Centre (NMC); and next generation modelling  and simulation capabilities  with Ansys, Inc.,  ESSS North America Inc., and CAD-IT  Consultants (Asia) Pte Ltd.

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Mr Tan Chee Tat, Director, PE COI