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Driving productivity of precision engineering companies 

The Precision Engineering (PE) industry is the backbone of Singapore’s manufacturing industries as it supports Electronics, Chemical, Biomedical, Transportation and other manufacturing industries. Based on the 2019 MIT Economic survey, PE Industry annual manufacturing output is about S$38.7B, which is 11.4% of Singapore’s total manufacturing output. 

Currently, Singapore’s over-reliance on the 1.2M foreign labour with suppressed low wages has discouraged small-SMEs in the PE industry to automate and digitalise for increased productivity and capital per worker. As Singapore aims to increase manufacturing output by 50% within the next 10 years with advanced manufacturing technology and fewer foreign workers, many SMEs would be severely affected. Hence, it is essential for SMEs to start to explore automation and digitalisation so that they can improve their productivity and be more competitive. 

As a joint effort, SIMTech Manufacturing Productivity Technology Centre (MPTC) has started collaborating with Singapore Precision Engineering & Technology Association (SPETA) to drive adoption of Industry 4.0 digital technologies in the PE industry for productivity improvement and business growth, as well as to engage more System Integrators (SI) and transfer SIMTech’s matured digital technologies.

Mr Steven Koh, Executive Director, SPETA commented that “enhancement of productivity is the one and only way to increase workers’ earnings while maintaining product cost. We work very closely with SIMTech MPTC to target 3 key areas to enhance productivity - Driving appropriate allocation of resources, improving its utilisaton, and enhancing efficiency

These 3 key areas are being executed through our 6A processes, namely: 
  • Creating Awareness via Model Factory visit, coupled with webinars and other outreach programmes 
  • Assessment on companies’ gaps and readiness 
  • Advisory on planned adoption 
  • Adoption Gantt chart and actions 
  • Postmortem Analysis 
  • Awards and accreditation with SIMTech

To elaborate further, Adoption would cover both digital technology adoption and skills training programmes such as SIMTech Digital Transformation & Innovation (DTI™) programme, Smart System Framework™ (SSF™) programme and modular TIPS (Technology Innovation Productivity Solution).

As part of our Awareness creation and outreach programme, SIMTech MPTC and SPETA had co-organised a Round Table Event on 5th May 2021, and a total of 14 SPETA YET (Young Entrepreneurs Team) member companies had attended the Roundtable Event to provide their valuable feedback. 

To embrace future challenges and changes in the industry, we strongly encourage and welcome more companies to come on board, work together with SIMTech, SPETA and our SI partners for the adoption of advanced manufacturing digital technologies.

Enhancement of productivity is the one and only way to increase workers’ earnings while maintaining product cost.

Mr Steven Koh, Executive Director, SPETA

For enquiries, please contact
Mr Rick Yeo, Director, MPTC