Uncover hidden capacity through Smart Manufacturing Operations Management (S-MOM)

Increasing efficiency and productivity through S-MOM and eDataLogger+

Being in the processed food industry for more than 20 years, local food company Golden Bridge Foods Manufacturing Pte Ltd (GBF) continues to push technological boundaries and refines their manufacturing processes. 

Collaborating with SIMTech, GBF models their manufacturing operation scenarios and implements the Smart Manufacturing Operations Management (S-MOM) system in their operations to achieve high operational performance and maximise customer satisfaction.

Working with the GBF project team, SIMTech has conducted modelling and analysis sessions on the company’s current planning, scheduling and shop floor tracking scenarios. Specific operational scenarios and processes were developed to fit S-MOM into GBF’s operations. 

The S-MOM solution streamlines production operations to ensure realistic delivery commitment to meet customer expectations. The deployment of S-MOM system helps GBF to plan, schedule and track their work orders efficiently. Through mentoring sessions on model fine-tuning, data analytics and optimisation, GBF improved its shop floor visibility and customer order fulfilment.

GBF has benefited greatly from the implementation of S-MOM, with a revenue growth of 8 to 10 per cent year-on-year and an increase in manpower efficiency for Planner & QC by 70 per cent. The lead time from order to delivery has reduced by 67 per cent.

Besides, GBF was previously heavily reliant on paper-based data collection and documentation. To solve the problem, the company tapped on SIMTech’s Android-based solution, eDataLogger+, to automate the routine works of data entry, retrieval and report generation.

As leaders, we ourselves must be persistent. We must be good role models to our staff, continuously motivating them to embrace digitalisation where it’s always darkest before the dawn

Madam Ong Chew Yong, Director of Operations, GBF

With this solution, companies can operate electronically and create high-quality reports on mobile devices. Additionally, the smart in-built functions such as inserting photos, signature, autocomplete with database, barcode, QR code and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanner, help companies to reduce time and error in generating reports.

Through eDataLogger+, manual paperwork documentation in GBF has reduced by 70 per cent, manpower efforts for report generation has also dropped by 50 per cent. The solution also helped the company to improve its data collection and sharing time by 50 per cent. With these, GBF can achieve productivity improvement of up to 50 per cent. As paperless systems mitigate human lapses, automation has substantially freed up GBF’s human capital for higher value-added jobs in R&D and management.

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