Creating New Competitive Advantage

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Last year, one of our T-Up secondees, Mr Tnay Guan Leong, was awarded the T-Up Emerging Talent Award 2020 by A*STAR HQ. This was in recognition of his significant contributions to the company’s R&D excellence and business impact. 

Guan Leong was seconded to Fidel Engineering and Trading Pte Ltd, where he was leading the implementation and capabilities transfer of the 5-axis machining solutions. This resulted in the increased competence of Fidel’s operational staff. Together with Fidel’s staff, Guan Leong helped create process know-hows and trade secrets that enabled Fidel to offer new services to Aerospace companies. This new competency has opened up a new market segment for more complex aerospace components repair, to which 3-axis machining cannot fulfil.


The T-UP Programme has enabled my company to offer high value-added services to my existing customers!

Mr Poon How Wan, Managing Director, Fidel Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd

T-UP has enhanced Fidel’s competitive advantage in two ways. Firstly, Fidel now can provide more services in complex precision components with greater functionalities. Secondly, Fidel can now attain product quality that outperforms its competitors. The new competency established so far has no technical hiccup. All components machined are within the aerospace required specifications. In the foreseeable future, as Fidel continues to increase the machine utilisation, the same competency developed will enabled Fidel to secure more orders in the range of million dollars. 

With this new competency, Fidel has obtained the NACAP (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) certificate and the Customer Service Excellent Award from his customer company.