Partnership Facilitates Product Enhancement & Patentable Technologies

T-Up is a joint initiative by A*STAR and Enterprise Singapore to help local SMEs through the secondment of R&D talents from A*STAR’s research institutes.


Phaos Technology Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based local start-up specialising in optical microscopy technology, filed two patents relating to Optical Microsphere Nanoscopy technologies in 2020, and released its 2nd generation microscopy product, the OptoNano 200, on a global scale. They then partnered with A*STAR in the T-UP Programme, where A*STAR staff and expert in image processing software development Mr Jiang Ting Ying was seconded to Phaos Technology, further elevating the company’s capabilities both in technological advancements and manpower know-how.

Through the partnership, Ting Ying worked with Phaos Technology to develop three modular software solutions for the company’s microscopy product:
Phaos Technology’s 2nd generation microscopy product, the OptoNano 200

These three key functions are crucial to enhancing the company’s product performance – for example, without lighting uniformity correction, image stitching would not be possible. Ting Ying also proposed a patentable technology to further improve the image stitching and blending quality. In addition, during the partnership, Ting Ying’s technical leadership and knowledge transfer helped to grow Phaos Technology’s image processing team both in technical skills and size, their headcount increased from 4 to 10 staff.

This partnership is one of the several success stories of the A*STAR T-UP Programme. For his significant contributions to the partnership, Ting Ying was awarded the 2021 T-UP Emerging Talent Award.

The T-UP has been instrumental in building up our software team to where it is today!

Mr Andrew Yeo, CEO, Phaos Technology Pte Ltd

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