SIMTech’s OMNI Programme Sparks Business Productivities In Local SME

Local leader in robotic machine vision upskills key staff in operations efficiencies


JM VisTec is a leading local robotic machine vision specialist with regional presence in Asia Pacific and diverse sectors such as semiconductors, electronics, aerospace, automotives, solar cells, pharmaceuticals, fast-moving consumer goods, homeland security, and logistics, among others. Though an SME, it punches well above its weight in the industry and has partnerships with SIMTech and ARTC.

In advancing its technology, JM VisTec collaborated with ARTC to design an AI-powered automated empty bottle inspection system for one of Procter & Gamble’s product lines. JM VisTec is also a member of SIMTech’s Innovation Factory, and engaged the team to develop a 3D scanner with structured light for their machine vision solution. The 3D scanner is currently in the process of being commercialised.

JM VisTec recognises the importance of upskilling and training its staff. Several of its key staff recently completed SIMTech’s Programme in Operations Management Innovation (OMNI), which covers several key underpinning concepts to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of business operations – knowledge, mindsets, and skillsets that can have tangible, far-reaching impact on a business.

During the OMNI programme, participants identified a few key areas of opportunity for business development. First, they improved their capability in enhancing revenue through a self-developed Customer Relationship Management system built on SIMTech’s Digital Workflow Automation Solution. Secondly, they improved lead generation through several digital marketing efforts, beefing up their website with improved layout, navigation and content. They also revamped their digital platforms, more than doubling their followers. Thirdly, they enhanced their business efficiency in an internal Purchasing / Supplier Approval process, reducing the process lead time by more than half, from 3 weeks to an estimated 6 business days.

Besides the overarching OMNI programme, JM VisTec also invested in improving its staff’s technical knowledge through other SIMTech courses such as Dimensional Measurements and Metrology, and Engineering Optics and Optical Measurements.

A recipient of SIMTech’s MPTC Conference 2022 Productivity Partners Recognition Award, JM VisTec’s journey to being among today’s market leaders in machine vision and Industry 4.0 shows its leadership’s clear strategy to leverage smart multiplier partnerships and employee upskilling programmes with SIMTech and ARTC to further equip and grow the business and its human resources.

I would like to sincerely thank A*STAR SIMTech and ARTC for the great partnership on many fronts. This has helped my company and people holistically in very much appreciated structured ways.

Mr. Eugene Goh, Managing Director of JM VisTec


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