T-UP Opens Up New Business Opportunity


Skyfy Technology Pte Ltd, an IT technology  Small and Medium Enterprise specialising in installing vehicle fleet management and tracking system, benefited from the attachment of  a SIMTech researcher for full-time development work on an Order Management System for end-users.  Its existing Fleet Management System reduces operation cost, and boosts productivity through monitoring, tracking and controlling company’s vehicles. 

However, Skyfy’s system to manage orders and do planning is only for logistic companies, not suitable for end-users. To enlarge its market and users, it is critical to have a system for making logistic order and manage orders for end-users. 

Order Management System for individual end-users

The system helps Skyfy to arrange orders and planning. It not only helps Skyfy. It is also very useful for its current customers to deal with their individual end-users.This opens up another new business opportunities - from B2B to B2C, for the company

Through T-Up, a system targeting end-users who are individuals with little or no knowledge on how to use the company’s existing system is developed.  A single page ordering and managing order system was designed, reducing many steps for creating orders as well as tracking these. With smart data management and data suggestion system, the time required for creating and managing orders is reduced by 33 per cent compared to the old system. It is also integrated to the existing system and utilising existing functions, Application Programme Interfaces and system structures. As such, the development cost for the new order management system is reduced. For end-users, this system has a more simple interface with intelligent functions. It is easier to use and faster to process. The developed system simplifies the whole process of managing and creating order from customers, company to the backend system to enhance user experience, making the whole process faster and more efficient. It is built on the principle of being: Faster, Smarter and Easier.