Extending Capabilities through Partnerships with A*STAR Research Institutes

An SME’s ventures into new target markets through partnerships and co-innovation

JMVistec1JM Vistec’s One Shot 3D Confocal Microscope (SIMTech Lab)

JM Vistec System is a prominent distributor and specialist in the field of machine vision components, used generally in systems designed for automated image inspection and analysis. With an extensive product portfolio of over 20 globally-recognised brands, JM Vistec serves its clients both as distributor and specialised consultant, providing exceptional support in developing advanced machine vision solutions.

In response to the dynamic shifts and emerging trends in the machine vision industry, JM Vistec has adopted a differentiation strategy that involves continuously delivering value-added services to its clients. These services encompass consultation, customisation, software integration, vision solutions and vision systems. To enhance its capabilities, JM Vistec has strategically partnered with A*STAR’s research institutes, particularly the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) and the Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC).


JM Vistec’s partnership with SIMTech involved the development of new 3D imaging capabilities for the company, advancing from its previous 2D imaging technology. Through the collection of cloud point data, or large sets of data points with set coordinates on a X, Y and Z axis, these 3D imaging capabilities can quickly create detailed and accurate 3D models of objects’ surfaces. 

With the shift from 2D to 3D imaging, JM Vistec’s technologies can now capture more dimensional information for non-planar objects, broadening the range of objects that can be inspected. This transformation creates new opportunities for JM Vistec to venture deeper into specific markets with complex inspection requirements, and to further advance this technology for specific sectors of traction. Further development work is ongoing to commercialise JM Vistec’s 3D imaging capabilities, towards potential applications in diverse fields including aerospace and MedTech for product inspection and quality control.

Besides technology development, JM Vistec also looked to SIMTech for talent development through SIMTech’s Dimensional Measurements & Metrology, Engineering Optics & Optical Measurements, and Operations Management & Innovation (OMNI) courses. Through the OMNI programme, JM Vistec’s staff improved their customer-facing processes such as in marketing events and customer visits.

JM Vistec’s collaborations with other A*STAR research institutes include that with ARTC, in designing an automated inspection system for one of JM Vistec’s clients’ production lines, involving moving bottles at 30 – 50 bottles per minute. The system could inspect 150 bottles per minute and detect defects such as scratches, dents and dirt.


Through these collaborations between JM Vistec and A*STAR research institutes, JM Vistec has further extended its competencies in the industry. It has seen a highly encouraging increase in its topline, with its annual revenue growing by more than 50%, along with a promising pipeline showing growing improvement in customer leads.

JM Vistec’s partnership with A*STAR, particularly SIMTech and ARTC, has greatly expanded our capabilities and opened new avenues for growth. The transition from 2D to 3D imaging technology allows us to provide imaging for more complex products and break into new target markets, resulting in new revenue streams; while the well-structured training programmes by SIMTech and ARTC helped to further strengthen our foundation of human capital. As we look ahead, we are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of technology through partnerships with A*STAR.

Mr Eugene Goh, Managing Director of JM Vistec

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