Training with Impact

More than 6,000 Professionals, Managers, Engineers and Technicians (PMETs) have been trained and over 7,600 Statements of Attainment (SOAs) have been achieved, benefiting more than 1,680 companies

In the wake of COVID-19 where digital transformation has been accelerated, the need for reskilling and upskilling has never been more pressing.

To date, SIMTech-SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) launched 24 WSQ training programmes, more than 30 advanced manufacturing modular programmes, and more than 30 Master Classes in the areas of advanced manufacturing processes, automation, operational management systems and emerging technology. To support reskilling and upskilling of workers and jobseekers in this difficult time, SIMTech has also collaborated with SSG to provide seven SGUS full-time Train & Place programmes.

Let’s hear from the recipients of the ‘Most Inspiring Trainee’ and ‘Best Industry Training Partner’ awards.

"Having gone through this programme with my staff, I must say that the instructors are very good and practical in their approach. They are able to contextualise our learning to our businesses and my guys find the sessions very useful"
Mr Roy Chiang, Chief Executive Officer & President CBM Pte Ltd

"I am extremely satisfied with the course and wish I had attended it earlier. I am eager to continue applying the knowledge, ideas that I have gained and would like to thank the instructors for their strong support and tutelage"
Mr Gondo Daiki, Principal Engineer Murata Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd 

"The trainers at SIMTech were very knowledgeable and informative, they were always there to address our concerns and questions. There were also hands-on lab practices I could learn from"
Mr Teoh Joo Fei, 3D Printing Sales and Application Delphic Manufacturing Solution Pte Ltd

"We established multi-year R&D collaboration with A*STAR’s SIMTech. By leveraging SIMTech’s expertise and technology, we are able to grow our manufacturing capability and boost our competitive advantage now and in the years to come"
Mr Mark Chua, General Manager Alcon Manufacturing and Logistics Pte Ltd

"SIMTech is our important strategic partner which develops high-value manufacturing technology and human capital. It has a strong pool of expertise and vast practical experiences. The collaboration with SIMTech will shorten our learning curve to digitise our manufacturing environment and level up our manufacturing competitiveness"
Mr Philip Chong, Deputy Director, Corporate Services Support & Governance Division, Shimano (Singapore) Pte Ltd 

"Wah Son launched the 12-week Lean programme to encourage continuous improvement, which is also one of our core values. This was done in 2 batches with 26 employees participated, including the management team. During the training programme, 40 improvement projects were initiated. Today, our continuous Kaizen effort has brought us to 57 improvement projects and we have seen some positive outcomes"
Ms Ong Hui Rou, Engineering Leader, Wah Son Engineering Pte Ltd

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Dr Fannon Lim, Deputy Director, Knowledge Transfer Office

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