PE Matters: Advanced Machining Dynamics: No More Chatter


Large Local Enterprise shortened process time for difficult-to-machine materials


During machining of components with difficult-to-machine materials, commonly used in the precision engineering industry, high forces are generated. These cause severe vibrations restraining engineers to increase material removal rate for fear of insert breakage, forcing engineers to be conservative rather than maximise process productivity under machining

Help is available. The machining dynamics technology developed by SIMTech is a scientific approach to overcome these challenges. The technology optimises machining processes considering complex dynamic effect arising from tooling geometries, tool holder balancing, spindle power/ torque, material composition, and other machining parameters. The benefits of the machining dynamic system are numerous. The application of the quick and portable machining parameter identifier improves tooling configuration or workpiece fixtures. It provides quick prediction of the chatter-free milling condition prior to real-time production. The scientific approach reduces trial and error, promoting first part correct machining set-up.

Embarking on new technology is the way to reduce
waste and boost productivity. It’s never too late

Mr Tang Tuck Leong, Vice President, ST Engineering Land Systems Ltd

The technology is beneficial for ST Engineering Land System, the land systems and specialty vehicles arm of ST Engineering. Mr Tan Peng, manager of the manufacturing team, decided to test the technology for their manufacturing process after attending SIMTech’s seminar on Machining Dynamics. Two staff were sent for the Skills Future WSQ course, Improve Machining Productivity through Dynamic Analysis and Simulation to learn, practise and apply the technology to their product.

After validating their process time can be shortened 15 to 20 per cent with the control of vibration effect, the company did not hesitate in fully implementing the machining dynamics technology in their manufacturing process.

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