Productivity Matters: Big Impact With Lean

Big Impact With Lean

The SIMTech LEAN Programme transformed the Multinational Corporation, paving the way for Industry 4.0


Michelman Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd, which provides specialty chemicals based in Singapore, is a firm believer that LEAN is still relevant in the Industry 4.0 era. 40 associates were sent for a 12-week LEAN programme with SIMTech in 2019. This is more than 60 per cent of its workforce in Singapore. 

Underlying this is the strong conviction of Mr Phillip Choo, Vice President & Managing Director of Michelman Asia-Pacific, that human capital development is key to the success of their business and lays the foundation for their digital transformation journey. 
Arising from this LEAN Programme, 50 improvement initiatives were identified and implemented. Some of these involved 6S workplace organisation, such as eliminating wastes from current processes and process re-engineering.  New initiatives using technologies like automated materials handling, digitised data gathering for real-time analysis and streamlining of financial processes for better data connectivity are also being implemented. After the training programme, the associates have been organised into LEAN teams to continue the transformation journey.

The SIMTech LEAN Programme is the foundation in our journeys towards Operational Excellence. It has empowered our associates not just to lean out processes, to run the business more efficiently but also build a culture of continuous improvement, breaking down silos across departments strengthening team culture

Mr Phillip Choo, Vice President & Managing Director, Michelman Asia-Pacific

The LEAN Programme benefited Michelman Asia-Pacific to build a culture of continuous learning and empower the individual for continuous improvement. These were evident from the testimonies of Mr Lim Eng Hwa from the wastewater team and Mr Ng Chye Beng from the logistics team who have attended the programme. For them, they learn to stay positive, embrace an attitude of continuous improvement and transformation to perform at a much higher level. 

To date, the SIMTech SkillsFuture-approved LEAN Programme has trained more than 600 participants from more than 70 companies since its launch in 2013. The programme has helped companies implement initiatives for productivity improvement ranging from 20-100 per cent. Some of these use purely LEAN techniques.  Others include implementation of technology enhanced from company’s existing technology or social media which further improve productivity. Where needed,  initiatives driving new technology adoptions were also put in place.

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