Transform and Shine

Increasing machine efficiency and productivity through Overall Equipment Effectiveness Monitoring System (OEEMS)

Shine Precision Engineering Pte Ltd is a specialist in CNC machining of high-mix low-volume medium-to-complex components and assemblies, with over 30 years of experience in aerospace, semiconductor, optics, medical, automotive, oil and gas industries.

Under the Industry 4.0 initiative, Shine conducted a detailed study on the production facilities and processes. Realising the importance of improving process capability and efficiency, the company collaborated with SIMTech to implement an integrated OEE monitoring system for 40 CNC milling and turning machines on the shopfloor. The 10-month project was successfully completed in August 2019.

The OEEMS provided a real-time dashboard with live statuses of all 40 machines with indication of individual machine’s performance, OEE Availability-Performance-Quality components, job status and alerts to management when stoppages exceeded a pre-set threshold.

The SIMTech team also trained 8 Champions on “OEE Methodology to Improve Productivity” by using the system where staff from different departments including production supervisors, operators and planners participated. 

The user-friendly OEE methodology empowers our staff to be creative with their ideas upon analysing issues and encourages continuous improvement through fostered teamwork

Mr Aaron Teo, CEO, Shine Precision Engineering Pte Ltd

The OEE data is analysed weekly to identify the top losses and a fish-bone diagram is used for root-cause-analysis. Most importantly, employees can provide suggestions to reduce the losses. For example, job setting stoppages were reduced by 43 to 47% through enhanced fixturing, optimal scheduling and preparation in advance. Job stoppages due to ‘Pending for Jobs’ were reduced by 47% through the visual indication of job queues via the OEEMS.

Shine continued their Industry 4.0 journey through the implementation of the Enterprise Resource Planning system, where they set up robotic cell to automate material handling, installed solutions that facilitate efficient tool retrieval, and adopted a cloud-based HR app.

In December 2020, Shine was awarded the overall winner for SwissCham’s Business Excellence Award 2020 for the newly created Digital Transformation Award and the Advanced Manufacturing Subcategory.

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