Unite & Transform

Accelerating digital transformation efforts with technology partners

[Photos taken before Covid-19]

SIMTech Manufacturing Productivity Technology Centre (MPTC) have been collaborating with Technology Partners: “ASTrio Pte Ltd, Asterisk Computer (Far East) Pte Ltd, SATO Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd, Tunity Technologies Pte Ltd, Enhanzcom Pte Ltd, iPlast 4.0 Pte Ltd”, to realise the national movement towards Industrial 4.0 and assist local companies on their path to productivity excellence. These 6 companies have been our long-term Technology Partners across multiple industries. 

Through the partnership with SIMTech, ASTrio Pte Ltd has expanded their portfolio of innovative technologies, expanded their market base and developed a diversified clientele. Today, ASTrio’s continue to work closely with SIMTech to develop a comprehensive range of services on the cloud platform to enhance the competitiveness of local companies, providing unrivalled convenience and flexibility while keeping  running cost lean. 

There is so much more we can do with the generous support of SIMTech in terms of R&D and technical expertise

Mr Zhuang Liqun, Director and Co-founder, ASTrio

SIMTech has also been working with SME service providers such as Enhanzcom Pte Ltd to enhance capabilities of other SMEs; providing affordable, customisable and scalable digital workflow solutions to local SMEs through its Fitprise software. Enhanzcom licensed a Unified Configurable Architecture (UCA) software development platform from SIMTech, and further developed it to become its own product, Fitprise. In 2017, Enhanzcom, with only a staff strength of eight, had already served more than 100 clients in Singapore, with at least 90 per cent of them being SMEs. (

In addition, SIMTech also partner with iPlast 4.0 Pte Ltd, which specialises in Industries 4.0 Transformation by providing an integrated suite of consultancy, training, equipment and digitalisation services. To ramp up productivity gain for its international customer, iPlast 4.0 has added SIMTech’s Overall Equipment Effectiveness Monitoring System (OEEMS) and Mobile Workflows System (wfMobile™) into its comprehensive solution portfolio and deployed them in regional countries such as Malaysia and China. 

It is certainly a very synergistic partnership between SIMTech and iPlast. I’m confident that together, we can better serve the injection molding industry and smoothen the adoption curve for manufacturers looking to upgrade their competitiveness

Mr Anston Tan, Principle, iPlast 4.0

Over the years, SIMTech has accelerated adoption of digital technologies through our successful partnership with Technology Partners. SIMTech strongly encourage and welcome more companies to come on board as our Technology Partners. Together, we can “Unite and Transform” our industries.

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Mr Rick Yeo, Director, MPTC