Smart Protection Apparels for Cold Chain Warehouse

Industrial grade heated apparels using printed electronic technology


A cold chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain for perishable food products, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals in order to maintain their quality and increase their shelf-life. Due to strict temperature requirements, employees working in cold chain warehouses have to withstand extreme cold working environment with temperatures below -20°C, which can very harsh for them to work in and perform their activities productively. 

While there are cold room apparels in the current market, they mainly make use of heat insulation and fabric material to conserve the body heat. To combat the extreme temperature gradient, the work wear is usually packed with thick heat trapping material, making the apparel heavy and bulky. 

To improve the comfort, productivity and health of employees working in prolonged cold environment, local SME Flemings Safety Pte Ltd collaborated with SIMTech to develop an improvised version of cold room apparels using printed electronic technology. Flemings Safety was established in 1994, specialising in manufacturing and distribution of safety workwear.

This collaboration with SIMTech has pushed Flemings to the forefront of wearable technology, which is growing at exponential rate globally. Very exciting journey and opportunities ahead if we can make this breakthrough for a new generation of safety apparels in the global market place 

Mr Eugene Lim, Managing Director, Flemings Safety

Through this collaboration, SIMTech provides the thin, flexible and washable heating solution, electrical power system and manufacturing process design, while the Flemings Safety team provides material choice and garment manufacturing innovations to develop comfortable, lighter and less bulky cold room apparels. 

With the smart heated apparel, the amount of heat can be adjusted in real time depending on individual needs or whenever required. This allows workers to be adequately protected from extreme cold so they will be able to work more comfortably and not affect their health. The smart heated uniform will also be lighter and less bulky, which will further improve the workers’ movement and agility while working within a limited space. 

Upon completion of the project, Flemings Safety will acquire the capability to design and manufacture variations of the cold room wear, not only for industry but also for general winter wear with the possibility of extending to adjacent product innovations such as heated footwear.

For enquiries, please contact
Dr Ng Sum Huan Gary, Deputy Director, SEAC