Success Stories

Automated Manpower Scheduling System for Professional Services Industry

Building capabilities and marketability of T-Up company

Director of ASTrio, Mr Zhuang Liqun, using SIMTech’s Manpower Scheduling System (MSS)

Facing with an increasing demand and enquiries from the service industry to improve their manpower planning and scheduling capability, SIMTech has identified ASTrio Pte Ltd, an industry IT solutions provider, as the potential Technology Extension Partner (TEP) for its Manpower Scheduling System (MSS). The objective of the engagement is to provide additional customisation and implementation services to roll out the customised manpower scheduling system, which is targeted at the Professional Services sector.  To facilitate the process of actualising this system, ASTrio partnered with SIMTech under T-Up, an initiative for technology development and transfer.

Founded in 2013, ASTrio specialises in design and development of supervisory control, real-time networked control and optimisation, and information integration systems in various industrial sectors. Their current areas of expertise include warehouse and logistics, maintenance management, and manufacturing.

Through the T-Up programme, a SIMTech researcher was seconded to the company under the project Design and Development of Manpower Scheduling Models for Professional Services Industry Sector. The attached SIMTech researcher played a critical role in mapping industry-specific manpower scheduling needs, identifying and recommending feature requirements to meet these needs, as well as modelling and verifying of manpower scheduling features for Professional Services industry sector.  

With the T-Up programme, we are able to deliver more competitive products for customers

Mr Zhuang Liqun, Director, ASTrio Pte Ltd

SIMTech’s project team also provided extensive support in the transfer of manpower scheduling technology and development of industry-specific features for the Manpower Scheduling System. Two of ASTrio’s engineers were trained on modelling and understanding of SIMTech’s Manpower Scheduling System.

With this T-Up project, ASTrio has seen an increase in potential commercialisation, and growth in the deployment of manpower scheduling and tracking solutions for various market segments, such as the Professional Services, Hotel, F&B, Healthcare, Hospitality & Tourism. In addition, it has sparked the potential development and creation of capability for an integrated Maintenance Management and Manpower Scheduling system, to schedule maintenance operators for maintenance tasks. ASTrio’s market share has also increased through this partnership as it shows ASTrio’s readiness to be a System Integrator or Technology Extension Partner.