Success Stories

Singapore’s First Electric Motorcycle

SIMTech T-Up secondee contributed to design and fabrication of Singapore’s first EV Motorcycle


Turning concepts into products, nurturing young talents to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and creating something remarkable were the three things that Muhammad Taureza (Reza) finds joy while working in SIMTech. His secondment stint at Eurosports Technologies (EST), a startup working on Scorpio Electric brand of electric motorcycle, was no different except that it operates on a slightly different level. Joining a company still at its infancy then, as the Head of Operations, Reza focused on putting the basics right so that the company has a solid foundation in Research & Development (R&D) and Manufacturing.   

Targeting on the increasing affluence of the European and Asian middle class, EST plans to provide options for premium electric two-wheeler products; riding for daily use, whilst at the same time appealing to the new generation of buyers who perceive motorcycles as a high-tech gadget and  statement in supporting a cleaner environment. 

We can’t build Singapore’s first electric motorcycle if we don’t invest in our people and our Singapore factory. T-up has allowed my company to access the expertise and the resources we need to deliver the product and to build the brand!

Mr Melvin Goh, Chief Executive Officer, Eurosports Technologies Pte Ltd

Together with EST staff, Reza implemented Advanced Process Quality Planning (APQP), which increased the efficiency and effectiveness of the product development process by integrating inputs from engineering, production, sales and marketing into one platform. Reza also rolled up his sleeves to work on Computer Aided Designs and Finite Element Analyses primarily on the frame or chassis of the motorcycle. In addition, he would lead the team to work on materials selection, process and product specifications, as well as testing requirements. 

During the T-Up, Reza witnessed the strong growth of the company, despite being affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. The company’s staff count had grown from 17 to 25 by the time he ended his T-Up, and most of the new hires were working in R&D. The outcome was EST’s launch of its first electric motorcycle prototype, called Scorpio X. It immediately garnered attention from the local media. One notable example is CNA’s documentary, Factories Making the Future, which featured Scorpio X. 

At the end of his T-UP, Reza decided to join EST as the Chief Operating Officer. When asked for the reason why he would leave a big R&D Organisation like SIMTech for a startup, he said “I get to do the same things that I enjoyed doing while I was at SIMTech, which was turning dreams into real products! I am also thrilled because in many ways I get to decide what the company makes.”