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Entegris-SIMTech Joint Lab Leads To Opening Of New Singapore Digital Manufacturing Technology Center


Nasdaq-listed multinational corporation Entegris, Inc. announced the opening of its Singapore Digital Manufacturing Technology Center (SDMTC) at JTC CleanTech Three @ CleanTech Park in February 2023. This opening follows the successes of Entegris’ three-year joint lab collaboration with SIMTech from 2020 – 2023.

Entegris is a global technology leader and supplier of products and process solutions that purify, protect, and transport critical materials used in the fabrication processes of semiconductor, aerospace, and life science applications. The joint lab collaboration leveraged SIMTech’s additive manufacturing capabilities to deepen research and innovation and will enable new product designs with unique performance characteristics that strengthen Entegris’ competitive edge.

The joint lab collaboration was established to advance additive manufacturing technologies that are key to Entegris’ product performance. These included powder-bed binder-jet printing processes for ceramic  parts and metal membranes for gas purification applications, as well as simulation and laser powder-bed fusion processing of pressure regulator components.

As part of the joint lab, SIMTech successfully developed additive manufacturing processes for the production of porous structural membranes, as well as new capabilities in binder-jet printing of ceramic material for high performance components. The team also redesigned high value pressure regulators, integrating four separate components into a single structure, and engineered 3D printing processes for improved product quality and structural performance, shortening the production process and lead times.

The successes of the joint lab collaboration led to Entegris’ setting up of the SDMTC next to SIMTech’s JTC CleanTech Two facilities, to foster even longer-term collaboration and partnership. The new SDMTC focuses on fundamental R&D and product development in additive manufacturing as well as modelling and simulation, and leverages the world-class expertise of local engineering human capital in Singapore. Local manufacturing suppliers Proterial and AECSS (Aircraft Engine Component Services Singapore), have also set up additive manufacturing related capability in Singapore to support SDMTC’s new product developments – showing how deep industry collaborations can have long-term, ripple effects on entire value chains and the manufacturing ecosystem.

SDMTC is a fully digital R&D and product development hub, and digitalises all major phases of the R&D product development cycle, from idea generation to testing and validation. Its modelling and simulation capabilities include large volume data processing, which supports the creation of digital threads to connect raw material characteristics to final product performance metrics. This allows Entegris and its customers to identify and address design constraints and analyse a broader array of product and process development innovations, simply by simulating a product’s performance without producing physical prototypes, greatly reducing solutioning and yield times.

SIMTech looks forward to the continued and deepening partnership with Entegris for the advancement of additive manufacturing technologies and the uplifting of Singapore’s manufacturing industry.

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