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Technology Overview

Digital Supply Chain relies on a highly skilled and certified team to help industry members revolutionise their supply network operations to achieve the future of Resilient Value Chains. The Digital Supply Chain operates, namely, in the areas of Supply Chain Connectivity, Supply Chain Resilience Management, and Supply Chain Simulation and Optimisation.  Leveraging unique expertise and experience, the team offers quick-to-market solutions based on high-quality best practices, blueprints, and templates developed over the years.
With a firm track record in end-to-end delivery, the Digital Supply Chain team provides speed in solution adoption in close collaboration with our members, aligned to their needs. This robust working relationship is complemented by value-added knowledge sharing and consistent upskilling of our members’ staff.

Technology Capabilities

Supply Chain Connectivity

Supply Chain Connectivity 

  • Delivering End-To-End Connectivity Solution in:
    • Secured and Decentralised Data Management 
    • Data Management for Supply Chain Operation Efficiency  

Industrial Applications:

  • E2E Supply Chain Visualisation and Traceability 
  • AI-assisted (NLP. Multi-model) Cross-Channel Data Harmonisation 

Resiliecne Management

Supply Chain Resilience Management 

  • Delivering End-To-End Resilience Management Solutions in:
    • Supply Chain Resilience Assessment 
    • Supplier Risk Analysis 

Industrial Applications:

  • Resilience+ - Assessment and Road Mapping 
  • Decision Support for Risk Mitigation in Supplier Selection 

Supply Chain Sim and Optimisation

Supply Chain Simulation and Optimisation 

  • Providing End-To-End Integrated Simulation Solutions in:
    • Dynamic Network Modelling and Simulation 
    • Data and AI Platform for Demand Sensing

Industrial Applications:

  • AI-Driven Demand Forecasting and Planning
  • Supply Network Planning and Optimisation via Simulation