Additive Manufacturing Industrialisation

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Technology Overview

Additive Manufacturing Industrialisation offer technologies for Product Life Cycle Management, Cost-Effectiveness, Industrialisation, and Sustainability to achieve a shorter time-to-market. Our strong collaboration with the regional Additive Manufacturing ecosystem enables us to deliver system and part-level design to manufacturing solution development and serve as a one-stop additive manufacturing hub for product owners.

Technology Capabilities


Product Design Development

  • Product Manufacturing Process Workflow Development
  • Optimisation for Lightweight Structures
  • Design for Part Functionality
  • Design for reduced Part Count, Post-Processing and Finishing
  • Simulations to validate Part Performance

Industrial Applications:

  • Optimised Part Manufacturing Process Value Chain
  • Improved System and Part-Level Functional Performance
Material P

Material Performance Management

  • Feedstock Material Qualification and Validation
  • Correlation of Feedstock Material with Part Characterisation
  • Sustainable Material Processing for Metal Powder Reuse
  • Optimised Heat Treatment to enhance Part Properties

Industrial Applications:

  • Improved Mechanical Properties of End-User Parts
  • Material Selection and Part Qualification for Critical Applications
additive manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing Process Optimisation

  • Processability of Metals, Polymer Composites, and Ceramics
  • Process Development for Complex Part Manufacturing
  • Process Optimisation to Achieve Dimensional Conformance and Defect-Free Parts
  • Implementation of a Robust Quality Management System, OQ-PQ

Industrial applications:

  • Highly Functional Part Manufacture
  • Streamlined Process Steps for Industrialisation

Case Studies