Sustainable Operations Management and Design

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Technology Overview

Sustainable Operations Management and Design helps companies in achieving sustainable operations through resource management and design for sustainability. The group delivers decision support systems that employ data analytics techniques to analyse data, extract meaningful patterns and trends and generate actionable insights for sustainability improvement in achieving sustainable operations through smart management system for energy, water and waste. Furthermore, the group also considers sustainable product design that encompasses the entire product life cycle, from raw material extraction to end-of-life planning to minimise environmental impacts and maximise resource efficiency from the outset.


Technology Capabilities

Design for Life Cycle

Design for Life Cycle (Sustainability)

  • Life Cycle Assessment to Support Eco-Design Decisions
  • Framework for Life Cycle Design, e.g., End-of-Life Assessment and Planning 
  • Knowledge-Based System for Life Cycle Design, e.g., Alternative Material Selection, Design For Circularity

Industrial Applications:

  • Decision Support System for Product and Process Design. e.g. Alternative Material Selection and End-of-Life Planning

Resource Efficiency Monitoring and Analytics Platform (REMAP)

  • Energy Efficiency Monitoring and Analytics System (E2MAS)  - Energy analytics to identify hotspots and provide actionable insights for improvement
  • Smart Waste Audit and Tracking (SWAT) – Resource monitoring to provide visibility and manage waste
  • Water-Energy-Waste Nexus Modelling and Optimisation to understand the Dynamic Interactions among Water, Energy and Waste and Determine the optimal decision variables for a Nexus System

Industrial Applications:

  • Resource efficiency analytics for water-energy-waste management

Energy and Climate Management System (ECMaS)

  • Surrogate modelling for Climate Management
  • Data-Driven Control logic to improve energy efficiency of HVAC system

Industrial Applications:

  • Energy and climate modelling for building space, e.g. office, warehouse, cold room, air conditioned shop floor and indoor farming